10 misconceptions about online yoga classes for kids

When combined with appropriate yoga breathing methods, yoga asanas provide this sensation to your regular Yoga practice.

Would your kid consider taking yoga courses online? Do they provide a learning opportunity that is comparable to an in-person lecture? 

However, there are many online yoga classes for kids after a pandemic, but people have different misconceptions about yoga classes.

Here we gathered some misconceptions of people with respect to the online yoga classes for kids, but these are only misconceptions, not truth. 

Kids don’t behave flexibly. 

Parents majorly focus on their kids if they are doing yoga well in the online classes or not. 

But the thing is that their kids don’t behave as flexibly as they behave in an in-person class which is the major problem of taking classes.

It’s not the right thing, and it is only a myth that needs to be changed. 

Lack of assistance 

Parents worry about the assistance that needs to be provided to their kid when they are new to yoga and doesn’t know how to perform.

So, lack of assistance is another misconception made in the mind of people where it can be said that kids have sharp minds and they grasp everything quickly. 

No social interaction

Most people think that online yoga classes for kids don’t provide social interaction, and due to this, kids don’t learn anything.

However, this is only a myth as students nowadays love to use the technological platform more than social interaction. 

Technical issues affect the health of kids.

It is said that there can be technical issues sometimes, and these technical issues may affect the mind and body movements of kids.

Nevertheless, the classes for the kids should be manual. 

Distraction from study

It is assumed that kids get distracted from their studies, and technology makes them addicted to the same.

Apart from the online class, kids use mobile and other things a lot.

Kids use props in the wrong way.

Not only do kids get distracted but also, they use different props in the wrong way because of miscommunication in online classes.

Using props in the wrong way may lead to problems for the body of kids as they have sensitive bodies.  

Comparatively low quality

It is seen that people believe that online yoga classes for kids do not provide quality exercises.

As a result, people get low-quality assistance in comparison to in-person classes.

Reduces self-discipline

Using more and more technology and becoming less talkative may create problems for the kids.

Doing yoga in online classes may cause self-discipline as different poses need to be performed with instructions. 

Waste of time only

Some people think that using online yoga classes for kids is only a waste of time because using online yoga classes, kids don’t learn anything.

Nevertheless, they use other features provided by the online platform associated with their yoga class. 

Not able to do twisting postures

There are many postures in yoga that the kids can’t do without the instructions and guidance of teachers.

However, in the online yoga classes, the physical assistance of the teacher is missing.