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Furniture in a spa is vital to creating an environment conducive to a must-have relaxation. It’s critical to make a great first impression on new clients when they visit your salon, and the appropriate chair is the place to start.

That’s why it’s vital to do thorough research on each piece of furniture like a cutting chair or a folding bed in Singapore to achieve the best balance.

Because of this, it’s essential to choose suitable materials, colours, and solutions that are both functional and stylish. When all variables come together, you can expect your customers to return.

So before you run out and buy spa furniture online, keep these things in mind.

What to Consider When Buying Cutting Chair

1. Level of comfortability

When buying a cutting chair, this should be the first thing you’ll check. You purchased spa furniture for the purpose that you’d want to make your client comfortable.

Salon chairs must provide complete back support, elevated polyurethane foam cushions, and wide enough to accommodate a wide range of clients, depending on their service.

2. Structure

You may also check the overall structure. Are the arms made of metal or padded? Is the chair able to be opened up on the sides? Clients who enjoy their time with you are more likely to become repeat customers since they will appreciate even a two-hour stay.

3. Staff preference

Since running a salon, your stylist should also feel the same comfort aside from the clients. Think about the employee who stands for long periods to make others feel and look their best.

A cutting chair with a hydraulic base, which you can adjust in proportion to your stylist’s height, is a must. They should be able to swivel and recline with ease.

The best way to do this is to check a stylist’s height when deciding on a chair so that they don’t have to lean over for hours or stretch uncomfortably with a too high or low chair. Make sure to look for a massage bed supplier in Singapore that can accommodate all your requests.

4. Functionality

Is it functional enough to benefit both your stylist and client? Anyone who has ever had their hair shampooed and cut knows that a two-minute procedure can leave them with a sore neck. Before you go out and buy a salon, a shampoo chair or a cutting chair in bulk, be sure they’re relaxed and efficient.

5. Affordability

Although it’s a good idea to save money, make sure you are not compromising the quality. Even when you buy your beauty products in Singapore, you invest in a spa item that you can use for a long time.

Remember that your cutting chair is the centrepiece of your service, so spending a bit more on it now will pay off in the future. As long as you buy from a trusted provider, you’ll feel at ease knowing that your furniture will grow along with your business.

The best salon styling chairs are out of reach for most business owners, but there are lots of mid-priced, high-quality ones that will meet your needs while also looking great—all you need to do is research online.


6. Material used

When choosing a salon cutting chair, it’s crucial to know what materials the manufacturers used. If you’re looking to save time and money, make sure you only buy what’s sturdy with high-quality fabric.

It can significantly impact the look of your chair and the whole salon environment. Some are more susceptible to staining from chemicals like hair dye or bleach, while others are more durable enough to endure regular use in textiles.

7. Cleaning methods

A full-time hairstylist sees between 10 to 15 clients on an average day. To keep a salon chair clean, you need a lot of activity. It is imperative that whatever fabric you choose is durable enough to withstand a daily cleaning.

Even when choosing a leather folding bed in Singapore, they need to be cleaned with specific tools and lose their lustre rapidly. Remember to clean the chrome base regularly to maintain it looking its best.

8. Minimal maintenance

You’ll also need to think about routine management. Since client weight and height vary, a cutting chair contains movable elements that allow them to recline, spin, and modify their size. In the course of a session, you don’t want your salon chair to break down.

9. Compatibility

A salon shouldn’t look like every item is misplaced. You must take your interior into account. Some will be plain and functional, some sleek and contemporary, and still others that evoke a vintage salon.

The majority of salon furniture suppliers will offer a variety of custom design and colour options from there.

If you are to talk to a massage bed supplier in Singapore, you can begin by checking out designs that match your theme. Don’t just shop around for the best price; instead, look for unique salon chairs that fit your needs.

10. Provided warranty

Warranties speak volumes about the durability of a chair and provide reassurance. Manufacturers expect a one-year contract or more for salon chairs to ensure their longevity in the industry.

There is a relationship between the time it takes for a product to wear out and the materials. When buying beauty products in Singapore, read the tiny print and inquire about any connected manufacturer.

Additionally, make sure that they have a professional support team available to answer any queries you may have about the warranty.

11. Size and space available

Salon chairs aren’t the only thing you’ll need before opening. When making your choices, keep in mind that the chair’s space is an important consideration. Having enough distance surrounding the chair with a blowdryer to avoid tripping or knocking into the workstation is essential for stylists.

Choose the size and quantity of your cutting chair depending on your available area.

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