5 Unexpected Benefits from Pole Dancing

Why are you holding back your plans to try beginner pole dancing classes? Is it your unsupportive and judgmental peers? Or is it the different misconceptions posted by various web users online? 

Well, do not let them take you down and discredit your efforts to try this physical activity. Moreover, disregard their negative comments now and show them that you can benefit from pole dancing. Here are some known benefits of doing this intense workout that you can later flaunt to your doubters:

Weight Loss Regimen

Similar to other gym exercises and workouts, your routines on the post can also help you shed some extra body fat quickly. Pole dancing classes in Singapore maximize your full potential by incorporating whole-body movements that will make you sweat more. These include routines that focus on the use of your hands, arms, core, legs, and feet. They usually last for several minutes to an hour that make them effective calorie burners.

Some pole classes even feature extensive choreographies that let you use different body parts at one time. Thus, making your time in the pillar more beneficial for your weight loss journey. Experts also believe that your 30-minute session can burn the same number of calories you shred in your usual aerobics. You may skip your callisthenics and test your skills on the post.

Lesser Injuries

Aside from losing weight, regular pole dancing classes can also improve your joints, bones, and muscles. Hence, decreasing your risk from any injury or discomfort as you do your usual routine anywhere. It begins when you condition your body by doing extensive movements on the post. Thus, leading to your developed tolerance to handle pain and stress applied on your body parts.

It also makes you more flexible and limber to do your everyday activities safely. It reduces your risks from muscle soreness, back pain, stiff neck, and mobility issues. Moreover, it prevents your frequent body sprains and strains that can hinder you from doing your errands effortlessly.

You must only check if you can do those stretches and body extensions. Know the limits of your body on your first pole dance trial class in Singapore. Observe how your body reacts after doing one full routine before you enrol in several more sessions and improve your resistance against injuries.

Enhanced Heart Health

As you do your full body routines, you not only improve your physique, but you also promote your better heart health. Expect the changes when you regularly attend pole dancing classes near you and excel in routines taught by your trainer. These include improvements in its blood flow and fat burning capabilities to prevent clots in your arteries.

Furthermore, it engages your heart more to produce more blood that needs to circulate in your entire body. It will also reduce your risk from developing severe ailments and conditions that may have resulted from your weak heart. 

But once you have improved your heart, look forward to more improvements in your other body parts. You can also enhance your stamina, breathing, mobility, balance, and posture. It also boosts your kinesthetic ability and awareness that protects you from unwanted falls, slips, or accidents at home or in your workplace. So, take your beginner dancing classes today for your improved well-being in the future.

Improved Mental State

You’ll be surprised that pole dancing has even more benefits on your mind and psyche compared with your other body parts. Here are some psychological and mental aids you never expect from trying this active workout:

  • Stress reliever – Each routine can significantly affect your body hormones related to your stress. First, it slows down and removes any adrenaline in your system that makes you annoyed, depressed, and anxious. Then, your body replaces them with endorphins that induce your happier and calmer mental state once you start doing intense pole dance movements.


  • Confidence booster – You also build your confidence as you improve your overall physique when you regularly do your routines. It makes you more composed and collected to face other people without worrying about how you will look in front of them. Moreover, it lets you move confidently and graciously while applying your learnings from your pole classes.


  • Motivation builder – It also teaches you about commitment and dedication. It would help if you set weekly and monthly goals or aim for better results by pushing beyond your targets. Thus, if you regularly attend your pole dancing sessions, then it may be a sign that you have built your motivation for being healthy.


  • Emotion stabilizer – Lastly, being active in your dance classes can also balance your body’s hormonal productions. It is essential since it can help you control your emotions towards people and happenings in your life. You can even meet new peers while you enjoy your workout session.

Hassle-Free Pregnancy and Sleep Patterns

Other than the abovementioned benefits, you may be amazed that pole dancing can also ease your hardships during childbirth. Your routines will develop your abdominal and back muscles that are essential for pregnant women carrying their children in their womb. Moreover, it will soothe any pain you might experience when you deliver your child.

It also improves your sleeping pattern and ensures your better rest. Expect this to happen after doing a tiring routine with experienced trainers from Breathe Dance Company. They are one of the most reputable pole dancing facilities in Singapore that offer efficient beginner classes for newcomers like you! They can also host advanced lessons if you want to improve your skills on the post. Check their website and enrol on their dance trial class now!