A Massage Bed and Other Things for the Perfect Massage Business

You might recall a time when you’ve come home from work feeling exhausted beyond belief. Perhaps you have experienced muscle and joint pains that work deep into the bone. Or maybe, you remember when both of the above happened to you simultaneously. It completely ruined your day. Maybe even a doctor (or perhaps a physical therapist or other professional) will tell you that you need a massage. If you have considered the possibility, maybe you’ve also been curious about the specifics behind a good massage. You need more than just a massage bed supplier in Singapore to run a good massage parlour.

Some people may think that a masseuse or masseur is just a person with a knack for massages. But in reality, those affiliated with a massage business are professionals in their own right. A masseuse or masseur (Or massage therapist), has to complete hours of massage therapy courses to become licensed— without these, they will not be able to practice in Singapore. Most countries regulate the practice of massage therapy to reduce injury during the act.

After that, they decide to join established massage therapy businesses or create one themselves. If they choose the latter, they have a long but hopefully fruitful battle to win. They will need many things to get their business off the ground: massage tools are one of them, as well as great marketing and planning.

What are some things you need to create the perfect massage business?

You should decide whether you want to forge your path early on. Know your competitors if you are one of these people who wants to create their business and start your massage career. You do not need to get a portable massage bed or expensive equipment to make your business shine, though they do help.

What you need are a few other things that matter more to your customers than other things do. Here are a few tips for your business

1) Great marketing

What use is having the best talent if you cannot attract any people to your business? With so many competitors, you will need something that sets you apart from everyone else. In modern days everyone is on social media, free platforms millions of people use. Use this to your advantage and devise a plan to tell everyone how unique your business is. Invest in a small marketing budget to get your business off the ground in the crucial early days.

2) Good skills

Good massage skills are not something that can be bought or replicated. By “great skills” we mean hours of practice to hone your craft to ensure clients always leave satisfied. If you have other employees in your business, ensure that you teach them well. Do not forget to quality assess their work! Be strict during the hiring process and vet only the best and most qualified ones for the job.

3) Comfortable equipment

If you’ve ever laid down on a high-quality massage bed, then you know that comfortable equipment matters. While you don’t need to get the most expensive type of equipment out there, you can still find the best within your price range. It is worth the investment if your company gets better reviews and happier customers.

4) Customer reviews

Speaking of getting better reviews, one of the things that new customers value the most is great customer reviews. Asking for customer reviews from existing clients helps new ones better discern whether your business is worth s try. If you feel your current customers are satisfied with your job, ask them for their time to rate you on websites. You can also request testimonies from loyal customers to boost your brand image.

5) Personalisation

Clients love personalisation. By personalisation, they get the kind of services their body needs. Listen to what they say during your services and try to adjust your massage accordingly. Personalisation will help clients have better experiences overall and make them more likely to give you a better review.

Tools needed to help you get started


Now that you know all the things to help you get off the ground, you need to buy massage equipment next. Some massage equipment is paramount for a good massage session. Here are a few things a masseuse or masseur needs to have.

1) Massage cream

A tub of massage cream in Singapore helps with smoother and more hygienic massages. Most massage therapists will rub it into clients’ skin and their own hands for a smoother and more relaxing experience. Having dry hands while massaging a person is not ideal. Massage cream is a lifesaver in this area. You should not go without it.

2) Massage chair

You can find many types of massage chairs these days, and many have advanced features that make massages accessible to almost everyone. Not only are they affordable, but they also come in various modes that stimulate the entire body. You can make a massage chair investment and not have to do any of the work as the chair will do everything for you. Of course, you should still offer your clients the option to receive a hand massage from you and your employees.

3) Massage bed

The ever-present massage bed should be next on the list of things that a massage therapist should have. Where else are your clients going to lie back and relax for their massage? Only a massage chair is perfectly fit to help your clients react. You can find great massage beds and accessories suitable for various purposes.

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