Can multiple dental procedures be done in a single sleep dentistry session?

Need a few complex dental treatments like implants, wisdom teeth extractions, or gum surgery? Hate making multiple dental appointments? Then you should consider sleep dentistry melbourne procedure. With IV sedation or general anesthesia, you can literally sleep through multiple procedures in just one visit.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry uses strong sedatives or general anesthetic agents to place patients into a deeper sleep-like state. This allows dentists to perform longer, more invasive procedures without causing pain or memories afterwards. Patients are monitored by anesthesia professionals for optimal safety. You wake up after it’s all done, often with just one follow-up appointment needed later.

Combining Procedures with Sedation

Here are some common dental treatments that can be bundled together in one sleep dentistry visit:

  • Teeth extractions and implants placed same-day
  • Root canals and crowns completed together
  • Multiple cavities filled at once
  • Full-mouth restorations with sedation
  • Sinus lifts, bone grafts with implant placement
  • Several wisdom teeth taken out under anesthesia
  • Gum surgery with bone grafting and sutures

Ask your sleep dentist about combining appropriate procedures you need into one appointment. This saves major time and money down the road.

Benefits of Having Multiple Treatments Under Sedation

Advantages of having multiple dental procedures under sleep dentistry include:

  • Only one sedation session needed
  • Don’t feel intra-oral pain during treatment
  • No memories of longer procedures
  • One combined recovery period
  • Often cheaper than multiple visits
  • Treatment consistency and alignment
  • Much less time off work or other responsibilities

With little to no discomfort during or after, you wake up with all your dental work finished!

Finding Quality Sleep Dentistry Clinics in Melbourne

Not all dental offices offer comprehensive sleep dentistry services. When researching top providers in Melbourne, confirm they have:

  • Certified anesthesiologists on staff
  • Advanced safety, monitoring equipment
  • Years of IV sedation experience
  • Training in complex dental procedures
  • Careful treatment planning and coordination

A quality clinic like Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre allows you to have a broad range of dental treatments performed efficiently in just one sleep appointment.


1: What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry uses IV sedation or general anesthesia to put patients in a deeper sleep-like state so dental procedures can be performed safely and comfortably without memories afterwards. You wake up after it’s all finished.

2: What procedures can be combined in one session?

Many treatments like extractions, implants, root canals, gum surgery, fillings, crowns, and more can be bundled into one longer sleep dentistry visit. This saves major time and money.

3: Is sleep dentistry safe for multiple procedures?

Yes, with trained anesthesiology staff monitoring your breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels, and sedation depth the entire time. Their expertise allows more complex dental work to be done safely in one appointment.

4: What are the benefits of combining treatments?

Benefits are one recovery period, reduced costs, no memories of longer procedures, coordinated treatment plans, less time off work or other responsibilities, and overall efficiency.

5: How long do sleep dentistry appointments last?

Planned carefully around your unique treatment plan, most procedures last 2-6 hours. You won’t remember the time passing! Follow-ups may still be needed afterwards.

6: Can I drive home afterwards that day?

No, you will need assistance getting home safely. Most clinics require you arrange a responsible adult to drive you after being under anesthesia. Taking Ubers alone is not recommended.

7: Will insurance cover these longer appointments?

Many dental insurance plans do cover sedation and anesthesia. But confirm beforehand the extent of coverage for your intended procedures under sleep dentistry protocols.


Sleep or sedation dentistry empowers patients to complete even full-mouth restorations comfortably in one visit. Combining multiple procedures under anesthesia can drastically reduce overall treatment timelines and expenses in Melbourne. Consult qualified dentists about the possibilities with sleep dentistry catered to your needs. Pleasant dreams!