CPAP Recalled? Here’s What You can do

If you have bought a CPAP machine from Philips, you may have heard that the company has recalled a bunch of these products. According to reports, the machines have defects that have proven to be harmful to humans. 

Using these machines poses greater risks of health hazards. Shouse Law Group can help you take actions against the company if their products have harmed you or your loved ones and even get compensation. 

Which machines have been recalled and why?

Mainly, Philips has recalled three kinds of machines. They are-

  • Bi-Level PAP
  • CPAP
  • Mechanical ventilators

Several models come under these machines. Philips recalled these machines in June 2021 due to design defects in all of them. 

Each of these machines contains a foam material known as polyester-based polyurethane. When used by the consumers, the foam degrades into small particles and mixes with the air. You may inhale or swallow these particles, which can cause several illnesses. Additionally, it also emits harmful chemicals. 

Several life-threatening diseases, such as lung cancer, pneumonia, respiratory problems, etc., are caused by this chemical. 

What can I do?

If you have been a victim of these life-threatening machines, you can undoubtedly get compensated by the company for putting your life at risk. 

These diseases are not a joke and can potentially kill someone. It’s strongly recommended that you immediately consult a doctor if you have been in contact with one. A few initial signs of severe disease may be breathing problems and headaches. 

Suppose you are experiencing side effects such as cough, nausea, or headaches or are diagnosed with severe disease. In that case, you can consult with the Shouse Injury Law Group and get educated about how you can get compensation. 

With the right lawyers, you can file a lawsuit against Philips on the grounds of defective design, manufacturing defect, fraud, and negligence. 

If the CPAP machines have harmed you, here is what you should do. 

  1. Consult a doctor and document proof of your injury. 
  2. Collect proof of your purchase. 
  3. Hire a reasonable attorney who can defend you in court and get the most compensation. 

There is no fixed amount of compensation. However, you can get compensated for several things.  

  1. Medical bills, doctor’s appointments, medications, therapy, etc. 
  2. Lost wages from being sick and not going to work.
  3. Loss of career if the sickness is too significant.
  4. For putting your life at risk and causing mental pain. 

Getting in touch with your attorney will help you understand all the proper steps you need to take against the company.