Easy tips to stay away from knee pain 

Easy tips to stay away from knee pain 



Joint pain in the knee is a typical aging problem that occurs after the age of 40.

Reasons for knee pain can be many including ruptured ligaments, Osteoarthritis, or arthritis.

There can be other reasons for knee pain such as infection or sports injury. Knee pain occurs sometimes because of a lack of exercise and weak tissues joining the knee. Many times physiotherapy helps to bring down knee pain but in severe condition, it is always better to consult a doctor. As it is said that prevention is better than cure, let us discuss a few easy steps to stay away from knee pain.

  • Reduce your body weight and build your muscles

Keep yourself as light as possible so that your body weight will not burden your knees with extra strain. Knee joints act as a hinge and they should be moved as light as possible for smooth functioning. Your body weight is always shared by muscles and bones. To build your muscles. Practicing exercises to build quadricep muscles and hamstrings that support knees will keep your knees in good condition.

  • Perform exercises with perfection and play sports with caution

In the gymnasium or at home whenever you perform knee pain exercises, do them with great care and proper techniques. In the gymnasium take the guidance of the instructor every time you perform a new exercise so that you will not injure your thigh muscle or knee joint resulting in knee pain. While playing sports it is advisable to take great care of your body balance so that you will not skip or fall on your knees resulting in injury and pain.

  • Travel with care

While boarding trains or buses always do so carefully so that you will not injure your knee joints or strain them by applying excessive pressure. There is a good possibility of landing on knees in case you lose your balance. This results in internal or external injury and even dislocation of the knee leading to pain and infection.

  • Effective knee pain exercises

In case you are suffering from knee pain, here are a few exercises that will provide good relief.

  • Walking regularly is the most simple and effective exercise to reduce knee pain and strengthen your knee joints.
  • Cycling is another exercise that tones thigh muscles and strengthens your knee joints.
  • Leg elevation exercises and step exercises also reduce your knee pain.
  • Swimming and yoga to help bring down the knee joint pain.

Maintaining a regular exercise regime and taking precautions always help avoid knee pain. If the knee pain occurs because of degeneration of muscles or joints then a simple yet effective knee pain treatment like Moov Advance Diclofenac Gel helps to keep the pain at bay. This being an Ayurvedic preparation has no side effects and provides relief by bringing down the inflammation of tissues connecting the joints. They also help in strengthening the tissues connected to the knee joints.


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