Get Fit, Be Healthy: How To Lose Your Excess Weight?  

“Do not judge the book by its cover” is an overrated quote since no one can say no to beauty. Just think about it, when you are at a library, the first thing that captures your attention is the beautiful cover rather than the title or story of the book. The same goes for why most people prefer going to a weight loss centre in Singapore rather than a fitness gym to prevent experiencing this kind of judgemental situation.

It is not surprising since birds from the same feather flock together. That means people at a weight loss centre have the same goal—to get fit and healthy.

Read on to find out what you need to do throughout your journey in losing weight.


Part I: Your Weight Loss Journey: Things You Need To Do To Lose Your Excess Weight

The first step you need to take in losing weight is to have a firm decision. Without it, you should expect that things will become more challenging to the point you want to quit.

Before you start your journey, like drinking your first cup of slimming coffee in Singapore, be sure to take note of the following.


1. Stay Motivated

No matter how hard many miles you have run and pushed up that you have made, keep on going. All of your hard work will soon pay off, and stopping now will make everything for nought.

2. Eat Slowly

This tip is one of the things that experts from a weight loss centre will tell all over again. By eating slowly, you are chewing the food well, which helps your stomach digest what you ate faster.

3. Get Enough Zs

With enough rest, you will have more energy to stay focused on losing weight.  So instead of staying up all night just to watch your favourite Netflix show, consider doing it some other time besides bedtime.

4. Stay Hydrated

Another thing that experts from a weight loss centre in Singapore will tell is to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water can help you move your muscles and joints with ease, which can make your workout easier.

According to Mayo Clinic, women require 2.7 litres of water a day and 3.7 litres for men. This amount of water is the adequate daily fluid intake a person needs.

5. Embrace Veggies

Even though eating vegetables does not seem mouth-watering, they are great for your body. Since vegetables are rich in fibre, including a few slices in your diet can help improve your digestive system.

6. Skip The Chips

If you think sugar is the only condiment that contributes to your weight, you are wrong. The salt that chips contain can also make you fat. Oxford Academic stated that excessive salt intake promotes dietary fats in the body.

If you want to lose weight, skip the chips, including fried foods!

7. Cheat Day? Pamper Yourself Instead!

Instead of having a day where you can eat whatever you want, why not pamper yourself by getting a body treatment in Singapore? You have to know that one session can help relieve all the sore muscles because of your workout and become more ready for your next exercise.

Part II: The Common Mistakes You Should Watch Out So You Would Not Do Them

Speaking of mistakes, many people who want to lose weight often commit a few without knowing, which is why they wonder why they are not shedding any pounds as they should be.

To not keep you in the dark, here are the common mistakes that can remind you not to commit so you can take your weight loss journey to the next level and not just solely rely on drinking slimming coffee in Singapore.


1. Your Focus Is On The Weight Scale

Even though a weight scale can give you numbers of how much kilogram or pounds you have shredded, those are just numbers. What you should focus on is your body. The changes you will see through the mirror or by looking directly at your body with your eyes can keep you motivated and work harder.

2. Exercising Too Much

Anything too much is not good, and that includes exercising your body. If you push yourself too hard, your body will become stressed, which can harm your endocrine hormones.

Endocrine hormones are natural chemicals found in the body that help regulate its function and movement. Make sure after your session at a weight loss centre in Singapore, do not try to work out from then on to your tailored exercise programme to prevent you from experiencing fatigue.

3. Eating Too Often

Even though it has been common advice to eat a few every couple of hours, this practice can make you consume more calories than the daily recommended amount.

The rule of the thumb for losing weight is to eat when you feel hungry.

4. Not Jotting Down What You Eat

Having notes of what you have eaten can help you monitor your diet and weight. So make sure to start doing this the moment you sign at a weight loss centre in Singapore.

5. Having Unrealistic Expectations

Just because others can do it does not mean you can do the same. Since everyone is different from one another, you cannot exactly use the same method that others do when they lose weight.

In that case, make sure to set a realistic goal that you think and seem you can achieve.

The Bottom Line!

Getting fit and healthy doesn’t happen overnight since it is a continuous process that you need to stay committed to and work your way to reach your goal. Otherwise, all of the hard work you have done and the hours you spend will go to waste.

If you need to take a break from your workout, go to a wellness centre in Singapore instead of skipping a day. Doing so will help relieve all of the tension in your muscles and joints and make you feel ready to exercise again, of course, on the same day.

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