How regular exercise can keep you fit

Our busy modern lifestyles can leave little time for taking care of ourselves.The combination of full time work and commuting often means that there is hardly any space left to pursue a healthy lifestyle. But if you can find the time, the benefits are huge.

As well as improving your physique, the BBC reports positive effects on the bones, heart and respiratory system. In order to do this some people may supplement their diets with a variety of vitamins and minerals but it is important to remember that these are supplements to a healthy lifestyle not a substitute.

Team Sports

Team sports are especially beneficial, as they combine all the great physical effects of regular exercise with something even more special. Players learn valuable skills, such as compromise and increased focus as well as socialising with other team members. You can watch a number of sports drill videos that will help you to understand your chosen game in much more detail. Athletes need to be highly motivated in order to commit to training schedules and give their best to the team. In fact, according to the Guardian participating in team sports can make someone a better student as a result of this increased focus. Football is a perfect example of a team sport which encourages all these positive attributes as well as a sense of physical well being and good general health.

Starting a fitness regime

It is never too late to start a fitness regime as this could initially be something as simple as making sure that you take a 30 minute walk during your lunch break from work, or perhaps walking to the local shop rather than driving. Having a goal that you want to achieve in mind is a wonderful way to keep you motivated on those days when you find it tough. These small measures when consistently put in place will start you on the route to a healthier fitness level. As each week passes you can then increase the activity that you undertake. The NHS have their Couch to 5K programme which sees you increasing your fitness levels over a number of weeks up to the point where you can comfortably run 5K. This is a great way to slowly improve your fitness levels. It is important to ensure that before you embark on any strenuous activity that you seek the advice of your GP, this is especially important if you have a pre-existing medical condition.