Is Your Child Safe When Staying With Your Ex?

Having children spend time alone with an alcoholic parent might be a terrifying prospect. The Soberlink system includes a breathalyzer, reporting, and facial recognition to ensure the safety of everybody involved during parenting time. Recent customers have been able to rest easier knowing that the other parent has included Soberlink in their parenting arrangements.

The Dangers of Alcohol to Children

Children’s regular lives are also significantly altered, even as their parents face their own difficulties brought on by the pandemic. Schools around the country have implemented remote learning curricula to varied degrees as a result of protracted closures followed by short or sporadic reopenings. A growing number of kids are living at home for the first time, and some parents who have struggled with alcoholism may worry that their child’s safety may be compromised by the isolation and the stress of the pandemic.

Excessive drinking by a co-parent can lead to problems like impaired judgment, increased aggression, lack of inhibition, mental disorientation, and poor motor skills.

Any of these behaviors displayed in the presence of a kid can result in serious physical, mental, or emotional harm. Because of this, it’s crucial for parents whose children are afflicted with alcoholism to keep tabs on their intake, especially as our global community grows more isolated.

Remote Alcohol Monitoring One of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic has been the disruption of normal habits. Those parents who have a history of substance misuse and who have relied on their previous habits to maintain their health and sobriety may find this especially difficult to accept. Regrettably, relapse is more common among these people when they are not subjected to regular routines that instill a sense of responsibility and accountability. These people may stop engaging in preventative efforts and become more vulnerable to relapse as we go further into a more distant world. New standards, habits, and routines should replace outmoded methods of maintaining health, thus it’s crucial to start working on this issue as soon as possible.

Soberlink, an Alcohol Detection and Rehab Tracking System

Parents who are fighting alcoholism can now keep tabs on their children without leaving home thanks to technological advances. The Soberlink system combines a high-quality breathalyzer with wireless technology for a thorough approach to remote alcohol monitoring. This paves the way for consumers to take tests from any location and have results instantaneously.

Soberlink’s built-in facial recognition features guarantee accurate user identification and prevent fraudulent remote testing. A user’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will be recorded by the system’s testing component, transmitted to Soberlink’s cloud-based management software, and immediately communicated to all Parties of Concern.

If one parent is worried about the other, they can rest easy knowing that their child is protected thanks to today’s innovative technology. In order to adapt to the needs of a more dispersed society, Soberlink makes co-parenting arrangements in families with alcohol misuse problems safer for the children. But first, I would suggest you to read soberlink monitoring device reviews.