Keeping Up Your Diet after Weight-Loss Surgery

Gastric bypass procedure is a method rather than a magic wand. Perhaps one of your biggest fears is that you will regain weight after you undergo a bariatric treatment. Sadly, it can be real. People generally continue to develop weight after their surgery for 12 to 18 months for a wide range of reasons like Binge eating. Binge eating, feel full when you eat, fast food consumption.

A gastric bypass diet is used to treat and improve eating habits for people suffering from the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery. A doctor or a licensed dietitian will inform you about what to eat after weight loss surgery and what you have to do post-treatment. You can quickly lose weight by carefully observing the post weight loss surgery diet.

Through sealing most of your stomach, this operation limits your belly. The way your body responds to the food you eat has modified. You should consume less food because not all calories in the food you eat your body can ingest. Do not forget to eat gently and to chew each portion carefully. Don’t swallow food until it’s soft. You have so little space in the new stomach and intestines. Food which is not well-chewed can block the opening of this space. When you don’t chew, certain foods you eat can cause inevitable pain or discomfort. They include pasta, beans, potatoes, raw food and beef. Up to 8 cups of water (2 L) must be drunk each day along with a diet after weight loss surgery.

What to consume and what not to?

Post-surgery, the physician and nutritionist will send you unique meal plans, diet recipes and nutritional shopping lists. You must follow the guidelines so that injury risk is reduced and weight loss is useful. Your diet will contain mostly protein, vegetables and fruit for the nutrition required. Patients must be instructed to take the following measures:

  • Avoid consumption of sugar / dense food.
  • Avoid drinking anything that includes calories.
  • For the first two months, avoid caffeine.
  • Avoid drug consumption

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