Pole Dance 101: How to Prepare Yourself to Your Pole Dance Class

Have you been thinking about how you would lose weight? Perhaps, you have been exercising for a while now, and still, the weighing scale did not move an inch? Or maybe you tried eating less on your meals, yet your diet did not work? Well, that is alright. It is not your fault that those things did not work in your favour. You see, losing weight is not an easy thing to do. That is why most people prefer hiring a personal trainer or join an exotic dance studio near them. That way, there will be someone who can help them get rid of those extra pounds they have.

Well, of course, like anything else new, the first thing you will encounter when you join a pole dance class in Singapore is lack of knowledge. It does make sense since you have never been into one before. You probably do not know how to prepare yourself for your pole dance class. So, to help you get started, here are the things you need to know.

What should you wear at a pole dance studio?

Before you attend yourpole dance class in Singapore, you have to make sure you are wearing comfortable fitness clothes. That way, you would be able to move your body as you stick to it to the pole. Here’s a brief description below to help you understand.

Shoes: If you are not comfortable being barefoot, you can wear indoor rubber-soled shoes. This footwear would help your feet to have a better grip on the floor and pole. In short, it makes things less slippery.

Tops and Bottoms: For beginners, you would have to wear longer leggings that can cover your knees and t-shirt. As for immediate learners, you have to wear shorts and tank up. Much better, if those fabrics can absorb your sweat well.

For safety concerns, here are the things you should never wear when attending a pole dance class.

  • Loose clothes: If you wear this type of clothing, you might flash it right in front of your instructor.
  • Super revealing outfit: Since you are not a performer, you do not have any reasons to show off your skin. So, better try not to wear something that would reveal your breast or booty.
  • Heels: If you can’t do a chairwork pole dance yet, then try not to wear high heels. Otherwise, you might injure yourself.
  • Jewellery: That same goes with this one. Your accessories might get in the way as you move your body while holding the pole.

What should you bring at your pole dance class?

Besides from your clothes, there are things you need to bring so you would have a pleasant time at your pole dance class.

  • Deodorant: It helps to get rid of foul smell caused by your sweat.
  • Grip aid: It increases your grip to the pole and floor.
  • Hair tie: If you have longer hair, this one helps for your hair not get in your way.
  • Headband: That same goes with this so your baby bang would not poke your eyes as you pole dance.
  • Tumblr: For you not to get thirsty and no need to buy a water bottle at a convenience store.
  • Towel: Can absorb your sweat and dries you off after you wash your body.

What should you eat before your pole dance class?

Like other physical activities, you also need to eat a light snack before you start doingfloorwork in Singapore. That way, your stomach would not go upside down and upset, making you vomit what you ate. So, if you can, eat two poached eggs, at least an hour before your pole class begins. Or you eat a protein bar if you do not like eggs. Either way, it helps you to have the right amount of energy for your pole dance class.

What are things you should not do no matter what?

No matter how much you love to apply some body lotion on your body after you shower, you should not do it if you have a pole dance class. You see, body lotion can make your skin too slippery and sometimes it leaves some residue even a day after. When that happens, you might slip yourself in class so if you can try not to apply it into your skin. Well, at least 24 hours before your pole dance class.

Do the same with sunscreen or hand cream. Those products can make your hand too slippery to grip onto the pole. Besides, those could leave a nasty residue on the post and floor, and that is not hygienic at all.

What should you expect once you sign up?

It is not always sexy.

Even though pole dancing is indeed sexy physical activity, the thought of being sweaty is not part of it. Besides, the moment you learn how to stick your body into the post, you might find yourself having so many bruises, burns, and scrapes. So, make sure to expect this to happen once you sign up at the exotic dance studio near you!

It could be dangerous without proper training.

Another thing you should know is that it can be dangerous, especially from trying new moves by yourself. So, make sure you have your instructor with you at all times. That way, you can avoid getting yourself hurt.

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