The Benefits of using music during yoga

Many people think that exercise is a physical activity that produces sweat, so yoga is not included in it. In fact, if done correctly, for example, movements like Vinyasa, Bikram to Crow can actually sweat and make you excited. “The right morning yoga routine will increase flexibility, range of motion, and build strength to prepare the body for an optimal day,” said Anthony Chavez, director of personal transformation at CorePower Yoga, as reported by Men’s Health. as effective as drinking a cup of coffee to increase alertness.

For some people, yoga is an activity that is carried out as a sport to train and shape body posture. On the other hand, yoga is also an alternative to get self-quiet and a means of meditation.

Literally, yoga is one of the six teachings of Hindu philosophy which focuses the whole mind on controlling the five senses and the body as a whole. So no wonder, the effects of yoga can make anyone who runs it feel happier.

Music has become part of everyday life, accompanying all activities from waking up to returning to life. By listening to music, feelings and moods become calmer.

Likewise with yoga. Music has a very big role in yoga activity.

Music can really help the course of yoga. Music can regulate emotions which will have a good influence on the end result of yoga.

The song contains emotions, with this song, we can increase our emotions and inspire yoga practitioners to focus more. In addition, music can also provide a fire of enthusiasm for yoga practitioners.

So, yoga practitioners can be more enthusiastic. They can flow with the emotional flow of the song they listen to while doing yoga.

Talking about the types of music that can be listened to while doing yoga activities, all types of relaxing music can be used to accompany yoga activities.

Music can make people happy. When yoga practitioners listen to music, they will smile and have a good influence on their yoga activities.

Yoga is about happiness. When you do yoga, you should be happy, smiling.

The fun can be caused by music, which will then be a good influence on the people around us.

Do you have a habit of doing yoga while listening to music? Indeed yoga while listening to music is fun. So more enthusiastic and certainly not easily bored.

Listening to music during yoga can actually have a pretty extraordinary effect on the body. As long as it is done properly and not excessively, listening to relaxing music for yoga while doing yoga can have a positive impact on the body.

Boost Mood

Yoga becomes more enthusiastic when you can listen to music with an exciting beat. Feelings of laziness and reluctance can also disappear. Moving the body becomes more leverage when done while listening to music. So you should always prepare a list of songs that you really like and are suitable for listening to while doing yoga.

Body Movement Can Match the Rhythm

You should adjust the type of music to the yoga activity you do. That way, body movements can be more in accordance with the rhythm.

Maximizing Performance

Listening to music while doing yoga can also maximize performance. Because music can make us more enthusiastic about yoga, the results can be much more optimal. The body also feels more fit.

Mind So Feels Clearer

For yoga, pilates, or other types of exercise that require high concentration, choose a type of music with a soft tempo. That way, the mind will feel clearer. The muscles of the body can feel more relaxed and the mind becomes much calmer.

Of course, the type of music chosen should be in accordance with the likes or favorites of each. Adjust to your own convenience. For the best yoga results, it must be supported by our comfort in doing it.

So, what music list have you prepared for relaxing music for your next yoga?

When meditating during yoga, what you should do is calm yourself down, don’t think about work problems, girlfriends, or other things that make you feel depressed. This is because the purpose of meditation is to release stress and make you feel good.

But often your yoga is interrupted by noise or other noises that make you unable to focus on yourself. Well, to achieve peace in meditation while doing yoga, as quoted from, there is an easy way to help you focus, namely by listening to relaxing music for yoga.

Here are relaxing music for yoga that you can choose from:

  1. Contemporary classical music 

Contemporary classical music has a slow, flowing tempo. There are no significant ups and downs. Even the music continues to play until it can make you more relaxed.

  1. Relaxing music 

Relaxing music genres, such as blues, jazz, or folk can help you relax your mind.

  1. Acoustic music 

The acoustic guitar is a good choice for your yoga.

  1. Meditation music and nature sounds 

When the mind becomes calmer, then you can do yoga easily.

Relaxing music for yoga has the following benefits,

Deep meditation

When relaxing music fills your ears, you will immediately hear the melodious strains of peaceful nature. This will help lower brain waves and make the body feel more relaxed. This will help you enter deeper and more peaceful meditation.

Reduce stress levels

You will be focused on yourself and not easily disturbed by the environment around you by listening to relaxing music for yoga. Plug headphones and relaxing music for yoga. When you listen to it, these slow and natural strains will give the impression of a cool, fresh, and calm nature. This is what helps your body feel more relaxed which in turn has an impact on reducing stress.

Makes you sleep easy

When soft music fills your ears and you close your eyes, you will accidentally feel yourself being carried away by the music and your eyes will start to feel heavy. You may feel sleepy and this is very good because relaxing music for yoga can help reduce your sleep problems and make it easier for you to sleep at night.

Research shows that a combination of breathing exercises and muscle stretching in yoga can make you feel better. Another positive effect of yoga as a mind relaxation technique is that it reduces anxiety and makes you feel calmer and happier.