The Reason Why Workout Videos is Popular

Health is very important to maintain, because if you are healthy then you can do whatever you do, as we know that the more people come here, the more people who do not exercise and usually the reason is that the place for exercise is far away, there is no place because it is too crowded, the gym or fitness is expensive, it’s embarrassing because you’re still fat and so on.

But don’t worry, because the era is getting more and more sophisticated, so now there are many free workout videos to fulfill your sports activities, and most importantly. Workout is a miracle drug that you can get easily without expensive costs, but it is often neglected, causing various health complaints. Even so, it’s never too late to start with a fitness video. No matter your age, scientific evidence proves that physical activity can lead to a healthier and happier body. Studies have proven that a sedentary lifestyle is worse for your health than obesity.

Fitness Video Benefits

Log in from anywhere. You can train anywhere as long as you can stream downloaded videos and/or connect to Wi-Fi to stream videos. Work out  for less. Most online fitness programs are much cheaper than similar offline programs. Most cost between $10 and $20 per month. This is  partly because of lower overhead costs and partly because of more opportunities to sell programs to a larger audience and  more people. In fact, many workout videos are available for free, especially if you don’t expect one-on-one attention.
Exercise according to your schedule. Our video fitness program provides everything you need without being tied to the dedicated workout schedule of  your local gym.
Access unlimited features and trainers. You are no longer required to take classes from instructor one at your local studio. When you’re online, you have video fitness instructors from around the world, all ready and helping you master your favorites. The same goes for different types of exercise. Just because you don’t have a burpee class in your area doesn’t mean you can’t go online to find a certified instructor led burpee training program. 
Skip the Gym or Studio. Whether you’re new to training, not sure what kind of workout you like, or  feel privileged to enter a new training environment, workout  videos are a great way to get away from your old gym or studio. You can learn the basics and test out the different programs in the comfort of your living room before diving into “real” workouts at our clubs and gyms.

Want a simple but more difficult workout? Try making burpees. what is a burpee? This exercise may not be like the pushups or squats that are often practiced. However, the burpee will be an exercise that challenges many of the major muscle groups in your body. Basically, a burpee is an exercise consisting of push ups followed by a jump in the air. Doing these exercises consecutively will certainly be challenging and tiring.

The benefits of burpees

  • Develop strength and endurance.  
  • Burn  more optimal calories. 
  • Get in shape with aerobic exercise.

Why are burpees called a full body workout?

When watching fitness videos. Maybe you will realize that there are quite a lot of terms around sports. Call it planks, squats, jumping jacks, to burpees which are quite popular. Besides having a positive effect on health, there are several reasons why burpee exercise is often referred to as a total body workout!

Have Minimal Movement with Maximum Effect

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, doing sports at home is not a problem. The reason is, this burpee movement does not require any tools and can be done anywhere. Because this movement involves almost all the muscles of the body, it is not wrong if the burpee is categorized as a total body workout. It can be said that this motion puts a lot of stress on the ankles, knees and hands. Therefore, it is important to warm up properly before starting burpees to avoid the risk of injury.