The Top Questions You Need To Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon

Obesity has become a major crisis in the United States of America; recent studies have shown that the rate of obesity has increased by 36.5%. Obesity is a major health issue that has various health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, and sometimes even cancer. The latest statistics have shown that about 1 in every five deaths in the US occurs due to obesity.

Luckily there are techniques to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight – this includes bariatric surgery.

It is very likely that anxious and has plenty of questions to ask about bariatric surgery. This article aims at helping you to enquire and clear your various doubts about the bariatric procedure.

Questions to ask before bariatric surgery

  • Am I a candidate that requires weight loss surgery?

A doctor can suggest bariatric surgery to patients who have a body mass index (BMI) is 30 or greater. This is an important aspect as this is a priority for considering a patient for bariatric surgery. If the BMI is greater than 40, you are very likely to be eligible for bariatric surgery.

Your doctor might also consider the previous weight loss procedures that you have tried and then analyze them to give you the right kind of bariatric surgery that you would require for long term success.

  • What type of Bariatric surgery should I go for?

The most common type of bariatric surgery in Baltimore is the gastric bypass surgery. Another popular type of bariatric surgery is the sleeve gastrectomy. These procedures would mainly restrict the size of the stomach.

  • Does insurance cover bariatric surgery?

Often, bariatric surgeries are covered by insurance, and this a very good solution for you both physically and financially. You would not have to put pressure on your bank balance to get your desired weight loss. Also, for those that do not have insurances, there are plenty of financial options available.

  • What is the process once the surgery is scheduled to happen?

You will arrive at the hospital in the morning, and then you can plan on an overnight stay at the hospital where they will monitor your vitals, and it takes one night for sleeve gastrectomy and two nights for gastric bypass. Patiesnts with certain health conditions would require more.


If you are considering getting Bariatric Surgery in Baltimore, ensure that you ask the right questions and get all the relevant information required for your bariatric surgery. This article is a guide in order to aide you in the questions to ask before bariatric surgery.