The ultimate guide to treating back pain

Back pain is a common complaint nowadays given the increased dependence on machines and less physical activities. People mostly associate this pain with old age but that is not the case. It can occur to people of any age. If a person has suffered an injury due to which his back has been affected the most then this kind of pain can last for a longer period of time if not treated properly. 

With the latest advancement in technology and research, scientists have developed antibiotics, massage procedures, and tools to relieve this pain. The effects of chronic back pain can also be reduced by doing some simple lightweight exercises or yoga.

Treatment to relieve back pain

There are multiple treatments and therapies which you can try to sleep better. Some lifestyle changes need to be done to relieve the pain for a longer period of time. The following ways can be adopted from which you can improve your posture, treat back pain and make yourself active.

This is the number one treatment in which a physiotherapist can improve your posture by keeping your spine in proper alignment. Some specialized exercises can be designed to strengthen your core because your core muscles and joints support the whole body.

  • Take medications

Some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed by the doctor to relieve your pain. You can get them from any online pharmacy service like 90daymeds which sells authentic NSAIDs at affordable prices. 

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation due to continuous working from the desk can hurt your back. It drains energy from your body, thus making it weak. The muscles may become stiff for continuously sitting in a fixed position for hours. It is highly recommended that you give your body some rest by getting enough sleep.

  • Ice pack and heat pad

Putting ice pack or a heating pad on the back by lying down on your stomach may relieve your pain. The ice pack can cool down the inflammation in the joints. Do this for a few days and then switch to heat pad which relaxes the muscles and increase blood flow to the affected part of teh body. 

  • Hands-on massage therapy

Massage plays a significant role in the treatment of chronic back pain specially. Massaging with a mildly hot essential oil can reduce the pain and provide relief. Spinal manipulation is another method which can only be performed by a specialist. This method improves structural problem of the spine.