Things You Need to Prepare in Your First Pole Dance Class

Wouldn’t it be great if you get to make the most of your pole dance trial class in Singapore? Well, you can only do it when you get to prepare yourself on your first try on the post. Get to enjoy it more when you’re ready on what you should expect from your workout facility and instructor as soon as you step inside their studio.

But how will you prepare if you have zero knowledge of your newfound exercise routine? Begin by asking your family and friends who have tried different pole dance sessions in the region. They may be starters themselves, or they’re experienced ones who have established their names in the industry.

It would also help if you do your online research and find review sites that feature pole dancing schools in Singapore. Find credible websites that will only give you accurate information about their services, courses, and other promotions. Consider their insights as it will prepare you on your first sessions by the post.

Moreover, look for client testimonials that would justify your decision to try pole dancing today. Read through their experiences to give you an idea on what to do and avoid when you step in your chosen facility. Better yet, consider them to choose the right studio that will teach you the fundamentals of this workout.

Furthermore, find the perfect instructor who’ll guide you through your beginner pole dancing classes. Merge all advice and tips you got from your peers, from the online community, and from current practitioners on how you can choose the right coach for you. Better yet, enrol with them individually and decide if they fit your teaching requirements.

Nonetheless, start with yourself to make the most of your first pole dancing classes. These include the following essentials that would always guarantee you the best and safest times inside the studio. You may never know; you might end up being one of the top dancers in the region today.

Bag Essentials

Start with your go-to essentials and always check your bag before leaving for your pole dance trial class. Ensure that you have your usual gym items such as your water bottle, towel, and changing clothes. Carry some extra ones if you plan to stay long inside your studio and spend more time hanging by the post.

Never forget about your devices in case you need to contact your instructor for some updates. There might be some changes on the time of your pole dancing classes that you should know of before you even leave your home. Hence, be ready with some spare battery packs when you’re taking multiple sessions in a day.

Workout Attire

It is also essential that you attend your beginner pole dancing classes in Singapore with appropriate workout attire. Choose to wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight or too loose on your fit. You should be able to move around comfortably without any hassle or distraction. It would be best that you consult your instructor on what to wear for your easy picking.

Better yet always wear sports-appropriate clothes every time you attend your pole dance classes. These include your tank tops, stretchable shorts, and non-slip footwear. Again, check with your coach of the best attire you should wear. You may never know; this may not be the best time to invest for a complete workout attire set.

Quick Snacks

Another thing you should prepare for is your quick bites during your pole dancing class. Bring with you some protein bars, fruit snacks, or light meal sets that would help you get by your day. Consume them after your session to still have the energy for your other activities.

Check with your pole dance studio if they offer snacking options for your convenience. Choose to buy from them if you want to have fresh pre and post-workout meals. Ensure that you only consume light eats to avoid feeling bloated and throwing up while you’re hanging by the post. Hence, do not eat anything while working out to prevent such embarrassing scenarios.

Exercise Equipment

There is also an option that you bring in some equipment with you on your pole dance trial class. Invest in grip gloves, crash pads, workout mats, and ankle protectors if you need some help on your first sessions. Get the most recommended ones in the region that will guarantee your safety and protection inside the facility.

Nevertheless, check with your studio if you need to bring any equipment for your initial pole dancing classes since some gyms in Singapore can provide them for you. Confirm if they are part of your availed package or you need to purchase them separately. You can even lease them until you finish your course to save from your expenses.

Session Requirements

Most importantly, be ready with their requirements before you can even start your pole dance trial or beginner class with them. Some studios may require you to submit documents such as medical records that would tell them that you’re fit to try this active workout routine. Some may even ask for your bank accounts for your payment transactions.

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