Tips for Healing Fast After a Hip Replacement

Tips for Healing Fast After a Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is a necessity when you want to restore mobility and lessen pain. Healing well after the surgery takes time and focused attention on doing what’s best for your body. Here are some ways to encourage your body to heal fast after a total hip replacement.


Before hip replacement surgery Charleston SC happens, it’s important to create a healthy exercise routine. Light to moderate activities can keep the mobility as high as possible in the hip before your surgery and staying fit and active will quicken the recovery time. While you will need to rest immediately after the procedure, the doctors will want you to get up and moving as soon as possible. You can use a walker or cane to help you walk immediately after surgery.


Filling your body with good nutrition can prepare your body for the stresses of major surgery. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, eat plenty of lean protein and drink an abundance of water. The healthier your body is, the easier it will be to heal.


During recovery, circulation is important to prevent blood clots and frozen muscles. The doctor will expect you to be up and moving the same day of surgery or the day after. Light activity is recommended throughout the first three to six months. Prepare your house before the surgery to prevent unnecessary movements. Plan with friends and family to help with cleaning, shopping and cooking.

Weight Loss

Keeping your weight in check can help recovery and prevent future problems in the joint. It reduces the risk of complications for the prosthetic hip and increase the lifespan of the prosthetic joint.

Preparation is key for a successful recovery after your hip replacement. Take the time to increase your activity, eat well and prepare your home so your hip feels like new after your recovery.