Tips For Protecting Your Eyes From Screens

Screens are an essential part of the lives of the very young. Indeed, the daily use of smartphones continues to increase among adolescents, and more than 90% of them spend more than 2 hours in front of the screens every day.

New technologies allow better communication, relaxation and fun at the same time. High-tech companies have managed to transform the habits of adolescents in depth. To that effect, we will look into some tips on how to protect eyes from computer screen.

Good Advice To Adopt From Today

If you are a teenager, the first good advice is to make sure your visual acuity is good. For this, do not forget to regularly check your eyesight since when using a screen for a long time, a need for correction may appear that had gone unnoticed until that moment.

It has been proven that looking at a screen for a long time can, in addition to causing visual fatigue, alter vision. When in doubt, visit the ophthalmologist. And even if your vision seems perfect, you need to see your doctor every year. It is better to prevent than to cure.

When you were in front of the screen, did you notice that your eyes were dry or itchy? There are solutions to avoid these problems:

  • The presence of reflections on your screens can make reading more difficult. You can adjust the contrasts in the parameters of your computer.
  • When in front of the computer or television, always place the screen perpendicular to the window and not right in front, to avoid too strong a light intensity.
  • Do you use a smartphone or tablet? Consider adjusting the distance between your eyes from the screen. Exercise a distance or an approach every often.
  • In addition, do not forget to air the room where you are to avoid dry eyes.
  • Think that your eyes, like every organ in your body, need frequent rest to be at one hundred percent. So, let them rest to relieve them.

Protect Yourself From Blue-Violet Light

Every day when you use your smartphone, tablet or PC, you expose your eyes to blue-violet light. The problem is that this light is, in part, responsible for the development of DMLA, a serious disease of the retina that occurs with age.

From now on, you can take action by choosing to use lenses specially designed to filter this harmful light. It is never too early to worry about your eyesight.