Undiagnosed Back Pain Management

According to research conducted by McGill University in Canada, more than 85 % of the back pain cases do go undiagnosed. People generally try to treat it by using various natural methods such as hot or cold packs, applying ointment and other methods. If none of them work. people visit the doctor as the last alternative.

Why do various spinal disorders occur? The answer to this question is that these disorders occur specifically due to imbalances or weakness in the spinal musculature.

What is the difference between diagnosed and undiagnosed pain?

The difference between the two types is that in the diagnosed pain it is possible to find out the site of the damage and provide medications accordingly to cure it. Undiagnosed pain, on the other hand, occurs from an unidentifiable source. This can be frustrating when the pain is too real and the doctor is unable to identify its source and provide any cure for it. What can you do in such a case? It is possible that you look out for alternative treatment for the ache under the direction of your physician

What can you do to detect and deal with this kind of pain?

The best way to deal with it is to look out for every possible section of the back with something prickly but not as sharp, a comb for example. It can either be possible originating from muscles or tissues. You need to go through all possible ways of treatment including therapies. You can also wear a decompression belt to provide you initial support until the medical personnel is able to identify the exact spot from where the pain is originating.

Reasons why back pain is undiagnosed?

  1. There are various issues when it comes to diagnostic tests. The problem is that there is no single test that can give an exact back pain diagnosis. Also, another issue with such tests is that many are found to be ineffective as they may provide false-positive or false-negative results. The inefficiency of any diagnostic test means you might need to do several tests from different doctors to get the exact picture of the condition.
  2. Each and everyone experiences pain differently. The pain that may be mild for you might be so severe for someone else that he might not be able to stand as well. This means that the same condition might require two different types of treatment for both of you.
  3. There may also be times when you might get the exact diagnosis and treatment schedule. However, the pain may still remain the same ,reappear or might even get worse than it was before. Some of the reasons can be the consumption of more inflammatory food, lack of adequate exercise, smoking and many more. This means if you return back to a healthy lifestyle during the diagnosis period then the treatment plan would work and you will get well soon.


If you are suffering from the type of pain that your doctor can not diagnose or neither can you–do the following. Educate yourself about the symptoms you are facing and why. Collaborate with your doctor to find the underlying cause and deduce a suitable treatment for it. Try out other solutions as well, all by yourself-trying to sit in a more ergonomic position, having a daily dose of workouts, avoiding smoking cigarettes and having a nutritious balanced diet

These may work out in your favor and in due time you may be able to get rid of the torment once and for all.