What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal is rapidly becoming the top choice of people who want to get rid of body hair permanently. New techniques like Soprano ICE laser hair removal have become all the rage these days, but those who haven’t had their hair removed via a laser before, may find the entire process a bit intimidating. The good news is that it is a tried and true method that is very effective and safe. The results may vary from individual to individual, but it will definitely make a difference.

If you are wondering what to expect from the laser hair removal treatment, there is no need to be concerned. The process is relatively simple and straightforward once you make an appointment with specialists like https://www.skinmasterbeauty.co.uk/. A consultation can help in selecting the best treatment for your needs. There is obviously some preparation required, such as avoiding waxing or any other kind of hair grooming, other than shaving. The root needs to be present during laser treatment.

Your skin should also be clean and free of any oil or dirt buildup. Likewise, you should also steer clear of skin products that increase photosensitivity. After you have undergone treatment, the skin should be protected from heat for 24 hours. Some patchy hair growth will come in initially because hair follicles grow at different rates, so not all are targeted in the first session. You need at least six treatments over the course of four to six weeks to get the ideal results.

After that, you can go in for a touch-up occasionally because hair growth can return due to hormonal fluctuations, life changes and time. After your laser hair treatment is over, you will be able to enjoy the freedom from having to constantly wax, shave and pluck your hair in order to look and feel good.