What Type of Yoga is Best for Your Body Type?

Yoga is one of the many ways you can stay fit and healthy. People who practice yoga are often stereotyped as being thin and flexible, but yoga can be practiced with any type of body. There are many different styles of yoga, and each style can be better suited for specific body type. There happens to be a specific yoga practice that will work for your body type. Knowing which type of yoga is best for your type of body will ensure a greater success of the practice of yoga. Yoga is a powerful tool to transform both your body and mind. So you may be able to practice, other styles of yoga. As you progress with your ability and knowledge of the yoga poses.

Here’s a list of yoga practices and the body types they are best suited for. If you are unsure about what yoga is or if the goals of yoga is a good fit for you, check out this great list of definitions on what yoga is for further clarity.

  1. Thin build – Bikram or Hot yoga

If your body is naturally thin, Ayurveda might describe you as having a dominant Vata Dosha. Your body may be naturally predisposed to favor warmth. Bikram yoga is a challenging form of yoga that involves practice in a hot room—typically at 100 degrees or hotter. The practice includes a sequence of 26 poses. Hot yoga is a similar practice in heated room but does not have a set sequence of yoga poses.

  1. Lean build – Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is another challenging form of yoga that focuses on the flow of breath within your body. Ashtanga is perfect for lean bodies because it involves an endless array of poses that range from easy to challenging. Breathing through the poses or perfecting your vinyasa is an important part of Ashtanga, and flexibility helps to achieve proper technique. Ashtanga is a traditional form of yoga, and it integrates both the mind and the body during practice. You will build your strength with every practice, and you will definitely sweat.

  1. Moderate build – Hatha yoga

When it comes to hatha yoga, the poses are the focus. It’s one of the best yoga practices for beginners because of how gentle it is. Traditionally, hatha practice is more focused on the development and perfection of poses, but modern approaches also include the practice of breathing technique. Hatha yoga is perfect for moderately built bodies for the purpose of strength training and flexibility. Expect to stretch like you’ve never stretched before, but the progression is slow enough to be characterized as gentle.

  1. Curvy build – Iyengar yoga

For an even gentler approach, Iyengar yoga works best. Curvy builds will appreciate the use of yoga props such as belts, blocks, and bolsters in order to augment practice. Iyengar yoga focuses on flexibility and proper body alignment. With consistent practice, you’ll find yourself able to move your body in ways you never have. Iyengar is detailed-oriented, slow-paced, and completely doable even for those who have never exercised before. It’s also a great starting point to the more challenging forms of yoga.

  1. Athletic build – Power yoga

When it comes to muscle and strength building, there’s really nothing like power yoga. Power yoga is a modern invention using traditional yoga techniques and theories. The principles of yoga are still there—mostly using traditional Ashtanga poses. You’ll get pushed to your athletic limits with only the use of your body. It is fast-paced and designed to build your upper muscle strength. It focuses on balance and flexibility. Power yoga will get even the most athletic people sweating and challenged. By the end of a single practice, you’ll notice the difference in your energy level and focus. It’s created specifically for the competitive predisposition of athletes, and it will test both mental and physical strength.