Discovering a New You in Rehab

Alternative addiction treatment places the individual’s life in their hands. It doesn’t shame or guilt those into believing there are inherently bad because they have sinned. It addresses biological factors that caused the addiction and show the patients how to start over without addiction. New approaches help them discover a new you in rehab.

Who are you?

In counseling, the addict must define who they are. These personality traits could give the counselors more insight into what has caused the addiction and fuels it. For some individuals, it is these perplex personality traits that make them want to continue using. They turn to drugs or alcohol because of peer pressure, and they can’t find a way out of the addiction. If they are a people-pleasing, the individual is more than likely going to do things to please others even if these things are negative or cause health problems.

What is Important to You?

What is important to the individual can also establish why they are addicted to the substances. Again, using peer pressure as an example, if the individual states that pleasing others is more important than what they want out of life, it’s a reason why the addiction is important to the individual. In counseling, the individual must find a way to stand apart from others and reexamine what is important to them individually. The need to people-please often comes from the way they were raised, and many people don’t understand that just because you were raised a specific way doesn’t mean you must continue that way of life into adulthood. ARC drug rehab Portsmouth helps individual reestablish what is important in their lives.

Who Do You Want to Be?

The person the individual wants to be has a defining role in how to treat their addiction, too. If they have chosen a career path because that is what their parents wanted, the individual will not find great happiness in their own lives. Unless, however, this choice was what they really wanted. In the science-based rehab, the individuals examine their lives and forge new paths in their careers and lives. They don’t have to remain in a job or career that is not fulfilling for them. They can do something different.

What Would You Want in Your New Life?

Creating a checklist of what is important in their lives and what they want the most helps the addict create the life they really want and avoid the stagnant daily patterns that have pushed them to addiction. If they aren’t happy, the individual is more likely to use. Finding a new purpose and going after it can improve their quality of life and prevent them from facing additional issues down the road.

Science-based treatment is not based on strict guidelines related to religion. It addresses biological concerns that caused the addiction, and it helps the individual answer more important questions about their lives. They find a new purpose and get more out of their lives. Addicts can find out more about this approach by contacting an alternative rehab center today.