Protecting & Safeguarding Your Joints Against Injuries

Our musculoskeletal system is composed of joints, muscles and joints. Everything there works together to allow every part of your body to function. The bones are attached to the joint where tendons and ligaments help connect altogether. All in all, proper care of the system is vital to long-term physical wellness. Whether you’re looking for an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore for serious injury treatment or a specialist for checkups, preserving your musculoskeletal health is a must. 

If you have an active lifestyle, injuries are more often to occur, especially in sports. While summer is already away, it’s the hottest period of the year. The warm and bright summer season is also an opportunity where people are motivated to engage in outdoor activities. People who are in such great shape can easily engage in high-intensity workouts and contact sports. However, the threat and risks of injuries are still in the corner, especially for joints. 

While the idea of seeing treatment for shoulder dislocation and ankle fracture in Singapore is something that is frightening, knowing how to be safe will keep us doing what we want and enjoy the summer long without injuries!

Preventing Joint Injury While Performing Sports & Other Activities

Plenty of sports-related injuries often involve joint damage. Examples of injuries are; sprains, strains, bone dislocations, fractures, overextended elbow, shin splints, etc. Hence visiting a specialist orthopaediccentre for injury treatment is a must action. Fortunately, there are ways you can do to prevent or lessen the chance and severity of joint injuries. Here’s what you can do:

Avoid overdoing too much

To avoid joint injuries, you should never increase the length and intensity of your workout or body performance in a sudden manner. The best way is to gradually increase the body’s ability to exert movements, especially when working out or playing sports. Consider doing warm-ups and cool-downs. 

Wear the right equipment

Almost every orthopaedic doctor and ankle specialist will advise you to invest in wearing the right gear/equipment when playing sports or working out. Wear proper shoes and provide enough support or protection to your knees and elbow to reduce the severity of impact trauma. 

Practise the right moves and techniques involved

Whether you’re playing basketball or golf, there’s always the right way to move. Performing motions requires you to know how to do them the right way. Otherwise, doing such movement forms in an incorrect manner will increase the risk of joint-related injuries. After all, no one wants to experience an untimely visit to a specialist orthopaediccentre after playing sports.

Have a time for recovery

For athletes, taking brief rest and allowing yourself to recover between sessions is one way to allow your body to recover, especially your joints. Your joint will need to rest after being stressed from games and workouts. Sleeping every night for 7 to 8 hours allows your body to repair damaged cells and restores energy. The less you take rests—the more your joints become susceptible to injuries.

Learn how to strengthen your joints

Proper diet and exercise is the key to enhancing your joints. A weak joint is prone to injuries. Deterioration in the cartilage from everyday life can cause wearing and tearing. Hence, you need to learn the right practice and make it a habit to eat the right food and visit an ankle specialist or orthopaedic doctor when you can.

Musculoskeletal Health 101 – Safeguarding Your Joints


Our joint is one of the most commonly affected parts of the musculoskeletal system when we 

get injured. Joint injuries are frequent, whether you’re young or not. While there’s no magic pill or food to enhance joints overnight and prepare you for sports or high-intensity workouts, practising good habits over time is the answer.

Our bodies won’t stay the same in the long run. As we age, our body grows weaker, your joints will experience more difficulties performing a wide range of actions, limiting our ability to participate and perform in a particular sport. You’ll often have to talk to an ankle specialist in Singapore for a consultation to improve your quality of life as you grow older. Without further ado, here are ways to protect your joint for better body performance in the long run:

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet ensures your joints receive the nutrients needed to maintain a good shape. As recommended by every physician and orthopaedic specialist, going on a fruit and vegetable diet on a daily basis can have a significant impact on how your joints will function as you age. Consuming high fibre, antioxidant and low fat and cholesterol food tends to help joints perform better and resist deterioration brought by ageing.

Visit doctor

Going to a specialist orthopaediccentre or booking an appointment with a physician is not only for injured patients. Everyone deserves to know the condition of their body and be able to detect conditions earlier in their pre-development stage. Active athletes and adults should see doctors to ensure their joints are healthy or if there’s an injury or deficiency problem.

Maintain a healthy weight

People who are on the overweight and obesity spectrum experience joint problems frequently. Our body can put tremendous stress and weight on the joints, even when we’re simply sitting or standing. Excess weight can be bad for joints, which is why they are prone to osteoarthritis, tissue damage and progressive wearing and tearing. It’s advisable to see an orthopaedic or ankle specialist if you are experiencing joint-related pain.

If you are looking for treatment for ankle fractures and other orthopaedic conditions and injuries, visit the Specialist Orthopaedic Centre for ACL surgery in Singapore and other wide-range orthopaedic treatment services.