Things to Prepare on Your First Professional Skin Treatment

Do you have plans on trying your first ever facial treatment session in Singapore anytime soon? Well, that may be your best option if your DIY home remedies no longer work and you need the professionals to give the glow you’ve always wanted. Make it more rewarding when you are fully prepared – mentally and physically – for your upcoming procedure with them soon!

But how can you ensure that you won’t buckle and back out as soon as you arrive at their clinic? You better get some assurance that you’re indeed making the right decision to get your much-needed facial treatment procedures from the professionals. You may never know; you only lack some support to proceed with your beautification plans.

Start asking around your circle and check if some of your relatives or friends visit aesthetic facial clinics in Singapore regularly. Consult about their experiences every time they get their facials from these professional health and beauty centres. You may also confirm if they’re indeed more effective and less damaging than your usual skincare routine.

It will also help if you look for testimonials from facial treatment clients before. Use their accounts to understand these clinical procedures better and determine if they’re right for you as well. They may also share recommendations on the experts you can rely on when it comes to treating your growing skin conditions.

Nonetheless, do some research on professional aesthetic and facial treatment procedures. You may have already found – and maybe read – different resources about its numerous benefits and advantages. But have you also considered the misconceptions attached to them that might sway you more to not trying them at all?


Misconceptions About Professional Beauty Procedures

Here are some of them that you should not fall into easily as it may mislead you to inaccurate facts about clinical aesthetic and facial treatment procedures. Better yet, debunk them now before it can even negatively affect your trust towards the professionals and lead to more damages to your worsening skin condition.


They hurt – a lot

It has been a common notion among facial treatment disbelievers that such procedures only cause you pain and misery when you do it in clinics. These include the reddening of your skin right after professionals do your facials. Some may even warn you about possible scarring and shedding due to harsh medications applied to you.

This misconception may be accurate if you live in the distant past and unaware of the recent developments in beauty solutions today. You might also have been stuck with your DIY regimens for years that you forget to try other painless options available in the market. Making it even worse is that you’re unfamiliar with innovative hydrafacial treatment options in Singapore that won’t hurt you even a single bit.

Save more from home

There are also beliefs that if you want to save more, settle with at-home aesthetic and facial treatment options. That may again be true since ready-made products are way cheaper than availing several beauty sessions with professional aestheticians. But that’s always the case if you bought the wrong regimens suitable for your skin.

Beware of counterfeit facial treatment products that may only aggravate them and cause further damages to your skin instead of fixing them. Yes, you may have saved from your recent cheap purchase. But the expenses that await as you treat their undesirable side effects will even cost you more – including your life if you fail to avoid them early.

Do less for smaller risks

There is also a tendency you limit your professional aesthetic and facial treatment sessions to avoid the risk of spending more. Well, better let go of that habit since it will only cost you more once your skin condition resurfaces and aggravates. You may even be required to visit them more often and restart with your initial remedy timeline.

Some may also skip sessions since they’re terrified of the possible risks it may cause to your health when done repeatedly. That again may be due to the misconceptions you’ve been reading that may only make your condition worse. Best if you only trust the experts about how often you should get your facial treatment procedures since they’re fit to give such advice.

Go Extra for better results

On the contrary, you may argue that you should avail multiple aesthetic and facial treatment procedures to get better results on your skin. You may even plan to get them all at the same time to make everything happen fast. Some professionals may allow you to do so but always seek their advice before booking another appointment with them.

Let’s say you’re planning to have an SHR or super hair removal procedure in Singapore for your unwanted body strands. It may tempt you to avail of numerous sessions to have a smooth and hair-free complexion in an instant. However, experts advise their patients to do it every month since its results can last for that long already.

Too expensive to handle

Lastly, you may hesitate to avail professional aesthetic and facial treatment procedures since you’re worried about your spending to get one. It may be correct for some clinics that are known to offer expensive cosmetic options to their clients. They may provide you with your desired results, but there might still be other alternatives that yield the same effects without spending more.

It may only be a challenge to find one that offers both effective and budget-friendly facial treatment procedures today. But if you know the specific things you need to look for, then you’ll be with your dream aesthetician in no time. Begin with the offers they must provide you as soon as you step inside their clinic soon.


Must-Have Offers of Your Skincare Clinic

As mentioned, always equip yourself with the right knowledge to find your next cost-efficient health and aesthetic partner in Singapore. Create a checklist of their must-have offers before you tag them as your next go-to clinic. Here are some items you can include in your list and tick them off once you see them offered in their beauty centre:


All-around Services

First and foremost, check if they have a wide range of aesthetic and facial treatment services to offer. These include procedures on your face, skin, limbs, and even those unreachable body parts that you may only want the professionals to see. Never forget about your much-needed regimens that may come in different varieties in their clinic.

It would be great that they also offer alternative solutions if you’re unsure about your initial options. Best if they recommend the right ones you can take to ensure your safety while undergoing the procedure. You may never know; pain-free laser hair removal technologies are now available for you to try!

Must-Have Offer: Check if they have some of the latest facial promotion offers in Singapore today. These include your sought-after facials offered in discounts and bundles. Some may even provide you with more sessions of your much-needed remedies plus some bonus treatments for the price of one!

Experienced Specialists

It is also essential that only professionals touch your delicate skin. That’s why you should check if they have experienced aestheticians to apply your desired aesthetic and facial treatment procedures. But how will you confirm if they’re indeed experts on the field if it’ll be the first time that you’ll work with them?

Choose to do your research and look for proofs to confirm their experience with different aesthetic and facial procedures. It would be great to check their active website to know more about their team and their expertise in the field. You might even be surprised that you could be working with famous and long-time industry experts soon.

Must-Have Offer: Their awards and recognitions are also great ways to confirm their expertise in their practice. Look for resources that recognize them or their clinics as one of the top aesthetic centres in Singapore. Again, verify their legitimacy before booking your first appointment with them.

Care Essentials

Now that you’re on their website, you can check if they also have aesthetic and facial products for sale. Most treatment clinics explore selling skincare regimens to their regulars and new clients. They usually offer them as supplements to enhance your recent procedure and ensure that you get your desired results.

Some also offer home beauty products that you usually avail of in local stores near you. These include your toners, cleansers, masks, creams, and serums that complete your DIY skincare kit. They may also offer exfoliators that work as efficient as your hydrafacial treatment procedure that you can readily apply right at your comforts.

Must-Have Offer: It would be great if they provide information on every product they sell online. Read through their detailed description of its ingredients, recommended usage, and suitable skin types before you even add one to your virtual cart. You may even be surprised that they have exclusive facial promotion offers in store for you.

Home Consultation

Some aesthetic and facial clinics also allow you to communicate with them through their active website. You may either call them, send them an email, or shoot them a direct message through their “Contact Us” page. These may be great options for you to consider if you want to speak with their professionals straight from home.

Use such features to your advantage and learn more about cosmetic technologies like SHR popular in Singapore nowadays. Inquire on its advantages over other traditional methods in removing your unwanted bodily fibres. Besides, that may be another option you can consider if you want a painless hair-picking procedure.

Must-Have Offer: Look for that one-click customer assistance button on their website for a more convenient consultation. It usually redirects you to a messaging application that lets you speak with their representatives about your preferred aesthetic and facial treatment procedure. Again, you may choose to converse with them through this app if it’ll be more comfortable for you.

Good Reputation

Most importantly, always choose one that has a good reputation among its clients and to the public. It may only be challenging to verify their prominence at first, but the above-mentioned checklist can help you with it. Make use of the list you prepared, and you might be with the most credible aesthetic treatment clinic nowadays.

It will also help if you do your research to confirm their distinction as a trusted aesthetic and facial centre. Read through review sites, customer testimonials, and client feedback that may help you find one you can rely on. Never forget about recommendations from your family and peers who can also lead you to the right aestheticians.

Must-Have Offer: As mentioned, they must have all the above mentioned offers for you to tag them as a reliable aesthetic and facial treatment clinic in Singapore. Factor in as well the suggestions you’ll get from the people you depend on. Besides, their firsthand experiences are enough for you to find your next health and beauty partner.


How to Prepare for Your Initial Appointment?

Now that you may have found your go-to facial treatment clinic, you can then prepare for your initial appointment through this easy-to-follow guide. Always ensure that you follow each step to only have a flawless and safe cosmetic procedure with them. Are you ready to be handled by true beauty professionals?


  • Secure your appointment with them days before your desired schedule. Some may accept walk-in patients, but it would be great that you no longer need to wait for your turn when you arrive at their clinic. Always wait for your confirmation before blocking your day off for your much-needed facial treatment.
  • Avoid coming in late for your hydrafacial or SHR treatment method. You should arrive at the clinic several minutes before your appointment to prevent any delay in your procedure. Besides, you may never want to settle with shortened beauty sessions only because you’re behind schedule.
  • Inform your aesthetician about your pre-existing health conditions as soon as you arrive at their clinic. Disclose information about your allergies, illnesses, injuries, and possible pregnancy before you even begin with the actual aesthetic or facial treatment procedure. Only share truthful details with them to ensure your safety.
  • Some may advise you to wear any makeup whenever you’re having a facial treatment procedure. But some aestheticians may remove them for you before they begin with your session. Confirm it with them as soon as you confirm your booking.

Lastly, enjoy and only have fun when you’re with one of the most reputable aesthetic clinics in Singapore today – Ceramique Aesthetics Pte. Limited. They have all the above mentioned must-have offers, so you no longer need to worry about your first visit with them. You can even book an appointment with them through their online site straight from your comforts!