What causes yellow semen

The human body is indeed a perfect depiction of how complex the organs and system work. At times, it can be difficult to believe what is truly normal and what is not since the answer can get unclear. This is the case with yellow semen. Semen ejaculated by men is usually a whitish grey or in grey shade with little yellowing. It can be a great concern when the semen colour is off than the usual common colour mentioned just now. This may result in a person finding doctors in an attempt to get answers to why such semen change in colour.

It is difficult to say yellow semen is normal or not solely by looking at its colour alone. Although, bright yellow or dark yellow semen should definitely raise concern whereas semen a little yellow is usually normal as it may be caused by benign issues such as from the food or health supplements like vitamin B. There are many causes leading to yellow semen, this includes:

1)  Ageing process itself causes changes in the colour of the semen due to decreased semen production.

2)  Urine in the semen due to incoordination of ejaculation.

3)  A man that has not ejaculated for a long time, causing the old unused semen to turn yellow.

4)  Medications such as antibiotics.

5)  Certain foods containing strong food colouring.

6)  Natural food containing sulphur such as turmeric and garlic.

7)  Jaundice, a condition of bilirubin, a liver pigment, to build-up in the blood affecting the body.

8)  Inflammation to the prostate, prostatitis that causes semen to change colour as semen is made in the prostate.

9)  A high level of white blood cells in the semen (leukocytospermia/pyospermia).

10)  Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhoea.

Since there are many causes leading to yellow semen, it can be difficult for one to know which causes are the main culprit. If a man finds themselves merely yellow semen with a slight tint of yellow, they may try to treat this condition themselves by making sure they are well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and improving their diet by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. However, if the yellow semen is present with very obvious yellow colours or have semen with foul smell and or is associated with other symptoms such as fever or pain when urinating and ejaculating, they might need to see a doctor to get themselves check as this could be sign of serious underlying conditions.

Treatments for yellow semen depend on the cause leading to this condition. If it is caused by the ageing process, a person usually does not have specific treatments. If it is caused by medications, supplements or food, the semen colour will change to normal once the substances are eliminated from the body. In cases of sexually transmitted disease or prostatitis, antibiotics or antiviral medications will be prescribed by physicians to help curb the infections. Those with sexually transmitted diseases or suspected themselves with constant yellow semen following possible infections, should refrain from sexual contact until examined by a doctor as they may pass the infections to their partner. For cases of pyospermia, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine is usually prescribed. Some physicians may even advise those with yellow semen to take certain supplements to help improve their general health that may be affecting the semen.

In general, a person with yellow semen may help improve their semen colour by drinking more water and to avoid unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking. When such measures fail and the yellow semen persists or gets worse in terms of colour and consistency, it is best to discuss it with doctors. Besides, it is always better to be safe than sorry, right?