Top Reasons for Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Every body part exists for an essential reason, with teeth not least among them. We have one set of teeth to last us our adult lives, so we want them to last as long as possible. Taking care of your teeth can improve life in profound ways.

Teeth Are a Useful Tool

The importance of teeth cannot be understated. The human diet is designed for teeth, and each type of tooth has a specialized function for breaking down food. Decay, disease and dysfunction in any of our teeth can seriously affect our ability to chew food. When this happens, we face the challenge of getting our nutrients purely from liquids, or the expense of getting implants to replace missing teeth. Avoid such decisions entirely through regular tooth care.

Prevent the Perils of Gum Disease

As any Brooklyn dentist or Oakland orthodontist can confirm, tooth trouble is no joke. The build-up of bacterial plaque caused by poor oral hygiene commonly leads to cavities in teeth, along with gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums. Unchecked cavities structurally undermine teeth until they fall out, frequently causing jaw infections along the way. Advanced gingivitis becomes periodontitis, where the gums recede and the teeth, lacking support, become detached from the jawbone. Both processes are painful and, if not promptly treated, irreversible. It’s worth pondering the next time you opt not to floss.

Show Off Your Smile

It’s no secret that good teeth look good to others. Evolutionary research suggests displaying one’s teeth in a smile is how our ancestors signaled their nonthreatening intentions. Today, smiles are still used to express friendly feelings toward their focus. A charming smile makes a powerful positive impression on those who see it, the brighter the better. A full set of white teeth allows our natural smiles to shine their brightest.

Starting from your next six-month dental checkup, take all recommended steps to make certain your teeth stay in good shape. Remember, they’re the only set you’ll get.