What Should You Know About Botox Treatment

As we age, it is normal for wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the face. It happens once we turn 20 because this is the time where our bodies produce less collagen. This is natural. However, with the availability of modern aesthetic treatments in Singapore, you may delay your skin’s ageing process.

Aesthetic Treatments in Singapore

Before, conservative countries like Singapore are adamant about the idea of plastic surgeries. It was not well received, so the aestheticians and dermatologists came up with medical aesthetic treatments that are minimally-invasive yet safe and effective.

Moreover, these treatments do not entail drastic changes in an individual’s appearance. The results look natural! Let’s take botox treatment for example. Even though we often hear that gettingbotoxwould make one’s face look “frozen” this is not true. If it is injected by a licensed esthetician, you would get natural-looking results. A frozen face after a botoxis only a myth. We just have a misconception about it because we often see in movies that girls getting botox look comedic. It is difficult for them to talk or smile because their face looks frozen. However, botoxworks to relax the muscles on the face, instead of freezing it. This will then help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox Treatment: How It Could Help Combat Skin Ageing

We often have the bad habit of squinting and frowning, and this could cause the formation of wrinkles. If this happens, then dermatologists would recommend medicalaesthetic treatmentssuch as botox. In Singapore, it is a popular treatment for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. However, the benefits of botox treatment do not just stop there. It could also be used for:

  • Pore Minimising
  • Face Sculpting
  • Noselift
  • Calf Slimming

We have mentioned before thatBotoxhelps relax the muscles. You might be wondering how this could be related to wrinkle reduction. Just imagine that the botox is a tool that prevents the motor neurons from releasing a chemical to the muscle fibres. Once this happens, the muscles on the face will not contract, thus relaxing them. Muscle contractions are movements that could make the wrinkles more apparent. Thus, with the help of botox treatment, the creases and folds on the skin could be reduced.

Are You Suitable for Botox?

Just like other aesthetic treatments, there are certain criteria that you should meet before you decide to get abotox treatment. Even though it is recommended to consult a licensed esthetician about this first, you could determine yourself if you needed it.

One of the apparent signs would be, of course, wrinkles. We are not talking about the wrinkles that most older people have. It could be something more subtle like frown lines. These are the two horizontal lines in between your eyebrows that make you look angry. Aside from frown lines, it could also be fixing the crow’s feet around your eyes. It becomes more visible as you try to smile.

Can Botox Be Paired Up with Other Aesthetic Treatments?

The answer is yes, your esthetician may allow it. Usually, botox treatment in Singapore is paired up with dermal fillers. Since botoxonly inhibits movements on your muscles to prevent creases, you need something to fill in the creased and wrinkled areas. Doing this will help make this skin look plumper and healthier-looking. This is wheredermal fillers come in. The fillers are injected to rebuild the collagen on the skin, thus making it look plumper.

Moreover, botoxwould be a good complement to dermal fillers as it could help the fillers last longer. The patient should prevent moving their facial muscles when getting a dermal filler treatment. It is because the fillers will break down easily if they do. Thus, with the help of the botoximmobilising the facial muscles, the fillers could last more.

What Should You Know Before You Get a Botox Treatment

One of the most important things to keep in mind before getting abotox treatmentis to consult an esthetician or a dermatologist. Even though there are beauty spas that are offering you such treatments without needing consultations, you should not hastily accept the offer. It could be dangerous. Remember that if a licensed esthetician does it, you could end up having a frozen-looking face after the treatment.

Another reason why you should consult an esthetician first is that they have to know what supplements and medications you are currently taking. Some of these could cause blood-thinning. If this happens, then expect that there would be more bruises to occur after the treatment. It would also be difficult for your wounds to heal. Simply put, the downtime would be longer.

Most often, the downtime for minimally-invasive aesthetic treatmentsis only short. Most estheticians would even recommend doing it during lunch break. Yes, you may get a botoxif there is a break in between office work. The treatment would just take an hour or less. However, it will still depend on how large the treatment area is. After it, expect that there would be mild swelling, redness and bruising. But then again, if you hadn’t consulted your dermatologist about your medications, the downtime could be longer.

Even though botoxproduces good results, it won’t last forever. You might need several follow-up treatments. So, make sure to discuss this with your dermatologist to know how many times you should go for a treatment.

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