What Treatments Can a Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore Provide?  

Physical fitness is as important to your overall health as paying attention to your vital organs is. While injuries that affect your physical appearance and condition do not seem as concerning as diseases affecting internal organs, they need as much care and attention. If you have ailments like colds or fevers, you go to a doctor to treat these symptoms. The same goes for physical injuries. You need a physiotherapist in Singapore to treat symptoms related to your physical well-being.

You can experience dangers if you ignore the state of your injuries. Without proper care, you may suffer serious side effects. Your injuries may not heal properly, or you may not get back into the shape you had before the accident. Even worse, you may never be able to participate in some activities again.

Your physical well-being is the concern of a physiotherapy professional. You may not realise this, but many other medical professionals may refer you to a physiotherapist if you have mobility or pain issues. If you experience injuries relating to your mobility and other areas of your physical condition, then seek a medical professional with experience in that area. You might want to try hiring a physiotherapist for your troubles.

What is physiotherapy?

Before you hire a physiotherapist for your troubles, understand what the field is about first. Physiotherapy may confuse many people because it focuses on nearly your entire body. Also known as physical therapy in Singapore, many ailments can plague bones, muscles, joints, tissues, and more. Physiotherapy involves itself in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and more of some health conditions. Its treatments and services range from manual therapies, medical consultation, and simple exercises to get your muscles and bones in great shape.

Physiotherapists can treat more ailments than many people might know. It is not only physical injuries that can affect your mobility. Other times, your internal workings may be responsible for the worst parts of your physical symptoms. They can treat several bodily systems too, from the nervous to the musculoskeletal system.

They also treat many groups. Some people may assume that going to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore is a responsibility only athletes (or other specific groups) have, but they would be mistaken. Any person may fall victim to the physical conditions that these groups also experience. No person is safe from harm whether they are active in sports, have muscle and bone problems, or are an ordinary individual. Here are a few people who benefit from physiotherapy services.

1) Athletes

One of the most common groups that benefit from physiotherapy is athletes. This is why the sports physiotherapy branch helps them. The dedicated branch of physiotherapy focuses on avoiding specific sports injuries.

2) Older people

The elderly are prone to sustaining physical injuries. As bones grow, tissues and muscles soften. Bones become brittle and can break more easily. Older people need the help of a physiotherapist in Singapore to help them through their issues.

3) Infants and young children

On the other end of the spectrum, infants and small children still have soft and growing bodies that are more delicate than the average adult human. Paediatric physiotherapy can help children who play sports and are otherwise active to avoid injuries.

What treatments can physiotherapists provide?


The people mentioned above are just a sample of the individuals that physiotherapy helps. You still need to remember that many healthy individuals, perhaps like yourself, might need to go to a physiotherapist at least once in their lifetime.

You do not need to get into a serious accident or sustain an injury to your body to go to a physiotherapist. Here are some treatments you can find at a physical therapist’s clinic.

1) Treatment for neck pain

Even something as simple as sitting in front of your desk can cause neck pain and neck injuries. A good physiotherapist can administer neck pain treatment in Singapore via advice on how to keep your posture healthy and through manual therapy to treat and reduce the pain.

2) Treatment for shoulder pain

Also related to neck pain, shoulder pain can happen to almost anyone. Your shoulders are one of the biggest joints in your body— but they are not invulnerable to disease or injury. They can get dislocated and bruised during rough play, and sometimes sitting for extended periods without support can hurt your shoulders. If you are having stubborn pains in your shoulders and it does not seem to be able to recover, you may need to look for specialist in shoulder pain treatment in Singapore.

3) Treatment for back pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of individuals as they age. Back pain physiotherapy in Singapore is a must for anyone whose pain starts to affect them in their daily lives. They might need massages and other manual therapies to keep their back straighter and experience less pain. Physical therapy might not entirely cure you of the pain but it is an excellent choice for those who need to pair it with other medical services.

4) Treatment for circulatory system problems

Some people may not need these services, but at the same time, they may help save your life. Serious conditions like heart attacks lead to permanent disabilities and even death, so you might need to undergo surgical procedures. But surgical procedures take a toll on your body and can drain you physically. Recovery is a long and arduous process if one does not have any assistance. Cardiac rehabilitation in Singapore can help you with physical conditions stemming from circulatory problems.

5) Treatment after surgery

Just like any ailments that plague you after you get circulatory problems, surgery is a major turning point for your body. You should get treatment from a physical therapist to help you walk or move with ease.

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