What Will the Process of Getting Braces Look Like?

People get braces to straighten their teeth that are not in alignment. Whether a child or an adult, the process of getting braces can be expensive, time-consuming, and discomforting. Despite that, medical professionals assure that having corrective orthodontic braces brings a high rate of success. Therefore, with discipline and regular visits, you can have a perfect smile and good oral health!

Generally, getting braces is a safe procedure as long as you get them from a certified and licensed orthodontist in Singapore. People who desire to get braces today are lucky since they cannot be made out of many different materials and can be worn in different ways!

In this article, you will learn about the process you will experience when you get braces. Of course, it includes learning more about the braces options you can get. Whether you wish to get Damon clear braces or the traditional wired braces, you will know what to expect with the procedure here:


The Four Types of Braces

Choosing There are factors at play in determining the right braces for you, and your orthodontist will help you find that. Considering the complexity of your unique teeth situation, your budget, and your preferred aesthetic, you have an array of options. Here are the four types of braces that you can get:


Metal braces

Metal or traditional braces, over the years, have become smaller, more comfortable, and more effective. It works by applying the braces to the teeth and connecting them with a wire using elastic bands. With this, your dentist will require you to visit every two to three weeks to shift your teeth to their proper position.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces or Damon clear braces are the alternatives that people get to metal braces. It has the same mechanics as the latter, except it uses a clear, tooth-coloured material. With this feature, patients will have more discreet and less visible braces, but it requires more discipline to get rid of the stains from the food and drinks you consume.

Invisible braces

The popularity of clear aligners or invisible braces has put them as the top choice for many adults. It is a great choice for patients who had braces when they were young and only need a touch-up. From mild to moderate dental problems, this is the go-to braces option because they are removable, custom-made, and provide faster treatment time than others.

Lingual braces

If you want complete invisibility, get lingual braces. They are the most specialised orthodontic braces treatment because they are affixed behind the teeth. Getting this, expect full customisation to your specific teeth. Some patients experience slight changes to their speech due to lisping, but it usually goes away after several weeks.

Choosing one in these types of braces, you will undergo a process. It ensures that you will get the right fit for your teeth!


What to Expect When You are Getting Braces?

Certified clinics with licensed orthodontists ensure the success of your treatment as long as you participate in the process. Here, you will know what you can expect when getting braces in Singapore clinics:


1. Initial Assessment

In your first meeting with your orthodontist, expect an initial assessment. It includes examining your teeth, mouth, and jaw. There are questions that they will ask you to answer. Thus, remember to tell the truth for smooth processing.

You can also expect them to assess how you bite to know whether you have an overbite or an underbite. Some patients also approach dentists to get ceramic braces in Singapore to make their smiles attractive. Whether you seek alignment or aesthetics, you must only go to a reliable clinic.

Also, x-rays of your mouth will be conducted to see the positioning of your teeth or whether you have a wisdom tooth. Prepare your budget for these types of tests as well.

2. Preparation

Before the big day, your orthodontist may have to extract decaying teeth, remove impacted teeth, or fill a decayed portion of your tooth with dental fillings. These operations are a must, especially for patients who have them. It ensures that you will not have dental problems while undergoing braces treatment.

Jaw surgery in Singapore may also be applicable to some patients. You must be prepared to get it when your doctor advises it. The surgery may take place after 12 to 18 months of your braces treatment. It is all part of your treatment plan.

As much as possible, on the day of your braces installation, you must have someone to come with you. Wearing comfortable clothes is also a must since you will be in the clinic for a long while. Most of all, follow all the instructions that your dentist told you to do before the day of your appointment.

3. Installation

Your orthodontist will first clean your teeth with a solution. Before installing traditional braces, they will first glue the brackets to the centre front of each tooth. Then, they will connect the brackets with an archwire and attach each end around your molars.

The same installation procedure will happen with Damon clear braces, except the brackets are clear or teeth-coloured. These are self-ligating and provide a faster and more comfortable installation.

Lingual braces will take more of your day. The installation of this requires a different set of orthodontic skills. Thus, the customisation process of this may be longer than clear aligners and traditional braces.


The success of your braces does not depend on the success of the installation. You will need your full attention and care to get the results you want. Therefore, you must follow what your dentist says about how to eat, brush, and live with your braces.

Not all orthodontic braces have the same aftercare procedure. Invisible braces, for instance, need to be removed before you eat and brush before putting them on again. Other braces require a longer brushing time because food particles get stuck in the brackets that need to be removed.

When it comes to getting braces in Singapore, only trust the orthodontists at My Braces Clinic. They will help you get the confident smile that you desire!

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