Check Out These Top Quality Vape Pens at The Green Caviar Club

Every so often, we would be met with various options in life that would puzzle us into thinking which is best. These situations are always annoying and nerve-wracking as the last thing you want is to choose something that you would regret. That is why there are plenty of descriptions and advice that we can read up on to help us make an informed decision. After all, there is nothing better than knowing that you made a decision that you can be happy with.

This is no different from other products such as vape pens. There are plenty of options to choose from and plenty more out there to experience. The only problem is that you would not have the time nor the money to try out every single one. Instead, it is always better and smarter to just pick something that you would want and go.

However, with online stores such as the Green Caviar Club, your options would feel endless with their wide array of selections to choose from. To help you make the proper decision on which one is the best, here are some of the most popular and highly rated of their catalog.


Let us start with a flavor and scent that most people would find delectable, watermelon. This beloved fruity flavor is something that you can take during a hot summer day. Or you can simply use this to feel refreshed after a long hard day. Perfect for anyone that wants something light and easy.

This vape pen has a nicotine content of 5%. That means that this is a great lightweight vape to help people ease through the day without many weighted flare-ups. A total of five thousand puffs are estimated in a single pen.


Not everyone would go for the traditional fruity flavors because they have become so common and basic. Instead, there are those that want to indulge in something more unique such as Cream Brulee. That is precisely what this vape pod from Posh Plus designed for.

This POSH PLUS DISPOSABLE POD DEVICE 6% CREAM BRULEE is one of the best sweet-tasting dessert vapes out on the market. The flavor profile is more akin to a sweet-tart than anything else. This is great for those that either has a strong sweet tooth or are just looking to bring back some of that nostalgic childhood feeling.

Either way, the 6% nicotine content rate is small enough that there would be no heavy withdrawal symptoms present. But it is also strong enough to help smokers to get their fix while using this vape pod.