Choosing the Most Appropriate Physiotherapist in Singapore

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy in some regions, is a healthcare field that most people might not be familiar with. Physiotherapy is often associated with athletes, but they are not the only ones who benefit from the field and its services. Physiotherapy in Singapore caters to a wide variety of clients, treats numerous ailments, and shouldn’t be dismissed by the general public. The goals of the treatment are to help restore mobility, increase your flexibility and strength, maintain a healthier physique, and so on. They focus more on the musculoskeletal part of the body.

Who benefits from physiotherapy?

Even healthy individuals would benefit from the work of a physiotherapist. If any of the above applies to a situation, physiotherapy will be extremely helpful to the patient. People participate in physical activities or intense sports, it might not have occurred to you that you may need physiotherapy. Athletes might be more prone to muscle and movement injuries, but they are not the only ones who might need physio services. Here are a few people who may want to seek a physiotherapist for their services:

1) People who are fresh from surgery and other procedures.Surgeries and other intense treatments can take a toll on your body. People who undergo major procedures may feel weak and have reduced mobility or strength. To properly rehabilitate the body and recover their strength, physiotherapy could help them. Exercising unused muscles or encouraging the body to heal and recover in the right way can make recovery much faster and easier. Hiring a physiotherapist in Singapore allows you to explore many options regarding your rehabilitation plan. A doctor might recommend you to one for further treatment.

2) Elderly patients. As you age, you might notice a reduction in your mobility and strength. Normally, cells may wear down and the body starts to deteriorate. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep healthy in your later years. Elderly people are another group who benefit from the services of a physiotherapist. Physical therapy can help them address musculoskeletal problems and help preserve limited strength. It can also improve their mobility.

3) People recovering from injuries. When recovering from a serious accident or recently sustaining any injuries, the work of a physiotherapist will make recovery easier. A visit to the physiotherapy clinic should be included in your list. A serious injury means that you need to take measures to ensure that your injuries heal properly. Physiotherapists can recommend the best course of action to encourage your body to heal your injury correctly. Practising improper recovery methods might make healing much more difficult and extend the time it takes for your injury to heal.

4)  People recovering from serious medical conditions. After a serious condition like stroke or paralysis, regaining full mobility can take months or even years. During this recovery period, patients should not be fully inactive, or the transition to full mobility will not be achieved. A physical therapist might be what they need to help them strengthen muscles from months of disuse and help them recover slowly.  Physical therapists are trained to handle muscle pains and mobility issues after recovering from serious medical conditions.

5) People with balance or mobility problems. Sometimes, individuals are born with balance or mobility problems that make it difficult to get around. Other times, they may have developed these issues due to an underlying medical condition. A physiotherapist in Singapore can assist people with improving their body condition via several services.

How to find the perfect physiotherapist


A physiotherapist might be able to treat a wide variety of people. But if you are looking for specific quality services, you might want to carefully consider your choice of a physiotherapist. Different physio clinics will have specialisations and some practitioners might be more qualified than others in dealing with your specific case.

Here are a few ways you can ensure that you find the perfect physiotherapist for your needs.

1) Make sure your physiotherapist is properly trained. While a physiotherapist may not be a doctor, they are still considered highly trained and highly qualified health and wellness professionals. Make sure they have the right credentials and work with the country’s respective Physiotherapy board. Do not settle for anything less than recent practitioners.

2) Check if your physiotherapist covers your area of concern. Physiotherapy covers a wide range of services and treatments, and most practitioners specialise.  For example, if you are an athlete, you might want to go to a sports physiotherapy clinic in Singapore. If you have mobility or pain issues, inquire about pain management plans.

3) Ask for your physiotherapist’s schedule to see if they are available for your treatment. Physiotherapy concerns rarely end after just one session. Most of the time, you may need to set a regular appointment for your treatments. If your chosen physiotherapist won’t be able to accommodate your schedule, then look for another one. Also, consider the urgency of your situation. Relapses or sudden injuries may require immediate treatment. The last thing any patient needs is their physiotherapist being unable to cater to their needs.

4) Research for physiotherapists who live near your area. Since physiotherapists can administer services for emergencies, your chosen clinic should be located close to your home and other points of interest. Walking or travelling long distances to reach your clinic is inadvisable, and at times even dangerous. Clinic location should play a part in your decision.

5) Know the methods and types of services they provide. Physiotherapists don’t just rely on movement exercises and massage to help patients. Services such as hydrotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy, and more fall under the job list of a physiotherapist. You might benefit more from an appropriate service.

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