How to manage Year 12 stress as a parent

The final year of high school can be very stressful for both students and parents. Although there is a lot of hype and excitement about finishing, there is an equal amount of pressure to achieve good results. While Year 12 may seem like the most important year of your child’s life, it’s important to remind them that it isn’t.

Here are some tips on how to cope with Year 12 stress as a parent from the home doctor experts at House Call Doctor.

Make sure students are looking after themselves

Mental and physical health are interconnected, so looking after your physical health will help your brain and vice versa. Encourage students to keep their body active and make sure they’re eating nutritional food. Focus on building time management and organisation skills to help minimise stress levels around exam periods. It’s also important to make sure your child is prioritising rest and relaxation time which will help with both their physical and mental health.

Eliminate unnecessary pressures

Help your child set goals for the year ahead of what they want to achieve and urge them not to compare themselves to others. There is a life after Year 12 and it’s important to remind them of that. As a parent you want your child to do their best but try not to put extra stress or pressure on them.

Make sleep a priority

It’s easy to stay up all night studying, but a good night’s sleep will improve concentration levels and brain power for the next day. This is especially important during exam periods when stress levels are high.

Offer support

Make sure your child knows there is help if they need it. Things such as depression, problems at school or home, body image issues, binge drinking and drugs are all things that can stop them from staying focussed. Encourage them to speak with a friend or family member or reach out to a school counsellor if they need support.