List of Top Online Stores To Buy Hospital Supplies

In today’s society, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating certain diseases without medical supplies appears to be impossible. Basic medical supplies such as bandages, gloves, cotton, thermometer, gauze, tapes, and other items are necessary to treat minor illnesses and ailments at home.

In the healthcare industry, new medical technology is being introduced daily at a surprisingly increasing rate. Patients benefit from a wide range of specialized equipment, technologies, and pharmaceuticals used in the healthcare business, whether in labs, clinics, or hospitals. It is essential to maintain equipment efficiency for providing the best-in-class diagnosis, treatment, and care at a very reasonable cost. You can buy medical equipment online as well as from your local stores.

Listed below are the 9 best medical supply stores online. Let’s dive in.

1. HealthCare Supply Pros

Healthcare Supply Pros provides affordable medical supplies, home health care equipment, prompt shipping, and excellent customer service. Customers can find medical supplies like nebulizers, oxygen regulators, laryngectomy tubes, sterile saline, aerosol masks, suction regulators, gloves, needles & syringes, surgical drapes, adult diapers, odor eliminators, disposable scrubs, and much more.

2. Otbliss

Otbliss provides customers with innovative, integrated healthcare solutions and services delivered digitally, allowing them to provide the highest quality patient care most efficiently and cost-effectively possible. The brand believes digital technologies can help deliver the highest supply chain efficiency. The website has rehabilitation aids, hospital cleaners, surgical supplies, hospital establishments, medical lab equipment, medical machines, medical consumables, wound care products, and many more.

3. Surgical Shop

Surgical Shop is a one-stop online shopping destination for individuals, patients, doctors, nursing homes, and hospitals. For home and hospital use, the website has a selection of personal health care supplies, medical supplies & equipment, and surgical instruments. All the medical products listed on their website are ISO certified. Their return policy for most medical products is 30 days from the shipping date.

4. Collateral Medical

Collateral Medical is a leading online store for medical device distribution and marketing in India. The brand is committed to providing high-quality and advanced medical devices at affordable prices. A few famous featured healthcare brands on this website are 3M, Nipro, Ethicon, Romsons, Contec, Bard, Accu-check, and more. On the website, you can find oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeter, syringe infusion pump, patient monitor, bmc bipap machine, infrared thermometer, gloves, stethoscope, and other medical supplies.


At,, you can buy and send medicines from any corner of the country – with just a few clicks of the mouse. At Netmeds, you can find medical supplies and devices like fingertip pulse oximeter, pencil-type thermometer, blood pressure monitor, wireless glucometer kit, active test strips, iv infusion, surgical consumables, respiratory supplies, urine care, wound treatment, oxygen can, immunity boosters, ayurvedic supplements, cotton, gauze and more.

6. has been a reputed and leading supplier of medical & surgical devices in retail and wholesale since 1989. The website has a collection of authentic healthcare products in various categories like diabetes care, home healthcare medical devices, fitness & wellness products, patient & elderly care, and surgical equipment and supplies for hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. The website features include secure payment options, cod option, fast delivery, lowest prices, and a 7-day return & refund policy.

7. Vitality Medical

Vitality Medical is one of the best online medical supply stores. The website has one of the most extensive healthcare supplies and equipment selections compared to other online medical supply stores. On this website, you can find affordable medical supplies like syringes, face masks, gloves, rapid antigen tests, lubricants, tubing, catheters, ostomy accessories, oxygen concentrators, spirometers, air purifiers, humidifiers, and much more. The website has served more than 2.5 million customers since 2000.

8. Meddey

Meddey is a curated platform for advanced and everyday healthcare products for chronic diseases. To date, the website has delivered medical care and wellness products to the doorstep of 1,00,000+ customers in India and internationally. The website has a wide range of home healthcare products, covid-19 essentials, posture care products, respiratory care products, rehabilitation aid products, and more.

9. 1st Class Medical

1st Class Medical is the US’s largest e-distributor of stationary and portable oxygen concentrators. This company has 35+ years of experience in oxygen expertise and a dedicated customer service team to resolve purchase, payment, and delivery issues.

People are significantly more at risk if they do not have access to proper healthcare. Diseases and viruses can all become quite deadly if not treated properly. Advanced medical supplies and equipment assist healthcare providers in diagnosing, treating, and increasing the quality of life of their patients. Top-quality medical supplies not only ensure high-quality medical care but also saves money.

You can go ahead and shop from any of the websites mentioned above of the best medical device websites online. We hope you found this post to be both enlightening and informative.