Peptides for Weight Control

The holidays may be gone, but often they leave behind added weight that doesn’t go away so easily.  On average, Americans increase their weight by about .6% during the holidays and often their exercise routines are interrupted as well.  Thanks to recent medical and pharmaceutical developments losing that excess weight may not be as difficult as it has been in the past.

Introducing Peptides

Cutting-edge medical science is exploring promising new treatments that utilize something called peptides.  Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids formed in short chains that include an amide bond.  Championed by some, such as Ryan Smith Lexington KY, peptides can act as signaling mechanisms in the human body.  Some, act to promote the natural secretion of hormones that impact things like weight gain and lean muscle mass.

Signaling Hormones

Two peptides identified as signaling mechanisms in the human body are sermorelin and ipamorelin.  These growth hormone-releasing factors stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormone.  Human growth hormone, in turn, affects metabolism in ways that can result in weight loss.

Medical science continues to unlock amazing ways to improve health and live better. While they don’t replace a sensible diet and exercise, treatments like those using peptides can be helpful for some people. Individuals should always consult with their physician before starting any new therapies.