Teeth Whitening with Laser in the Clinic

Teeth bleaching with laser and whitening is a method used to beautify teeth that has attracted many fans. It is a convenient and easy method with the least amount of pain. Teeth whitening is used in different ways, and the type of method is determined by visiting and examining a cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening using laser means using old whitening techniques with advanced laser technology, a combined method.

Benefits of Laser Teeth Bleaching

As a dentist offering teeth whitening in Newmarket explains, in this method, the treatment is faster and more effective. In laser tooth bleaching, the working steps are as follows: the teeth are covered with whitening gel, and the laser is used to activate the whitening gel. The effect of the laser and its high energy causes the gelled peroxide molecules to be stimulated and enter the tooth enamel, and this causes the stains on the teeth to be removed; some laser systems can be up to several degrees. Give the teeth more beauty and whiteness. Improper actions, such as tooth varnish, strip paste, etc., cause damage to the enamel so the best method can be bleaching.

A doctor does teeth whitening in this way in the office, and the teeth are covered with a substance called bleach. The laser has heat that makes the material work faster and the whitening time is reduced. In this method, hydrogen peroxide gels are often used, which have a concentration of 25-40%, and the heat from the laser increases the concentration of these gels. It raises and leads to a better result.

Bleaching Steps

Bleaching is a procedure that is used without sharpening or by using acid on the tooth enamel to whiten natural teeth. Tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco darken the natural color of teeth over time. Professional whitening involves adding oxygen with bleaching agents to discolor the material on the teeth. At first, the gums are covered with a special protector that protects them from bleaching agents. Only natural teeth can be whitened. Coverings of bridges and veneers cannot be bleached.

This is one of the reasons why bleaching is the ideal treatment over using porcelain on the teeth. After the gums are protected, the bleaching material is prepared by mixing 2 parts of the bleaching material and placed on the teeth. Before starting bleaching, the dentist checks the beauty of the teeth in terms of decay and filling. If necessary, discolored fillings should be replaced, or the teeth should be cleaned. After bleaching, the bleaching materials should be washed with water, and then the gum protection should be removed.

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Persistence of Teeth Bleaching

 Bleaching may be safely repeated every two years. Each person’s teeth have unique characteristics, and they only whiten to a certain extent; it depends on the original color of your teeth. Depending on the degree of color change, your teeth become lighter from 1 to 14 degrees. Depending on the level of hygiene, the results can last between 1 and 3 years or even longer in alcoholics and smokers or those who drink colored fruit juices, tea, and coffee. They use red wine or tomato sauce, just like people with low hygiene; the period of whiteness of the teeth is short. In laser bleaching, the teeth become drier, and at first, it seems that the teeth have become whiter, which does not last more than 1 or 2 days.