Benefits of Bariatric Surgery – Physical and Psychological

When someone talks about bariatric surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is how will it affect the body. But there is another aspect to the benefits of undergoing a weight loss surgery, i.e., the psychological benefits. The physical benefits always supersede the psychological benefits because they are more evident in the appearance of a person, but that does not mean that the psychological benefits do not matter. Here are some of the physical and psychological benefits you will get when you undergo a Bariatric Surgery in Lubbock.

Physical Benefits

  • Long term weight loss is the biggest benefit of bariatric surgery. More than 90% patients who undergo weight-loss surgeries can maintain at least half of their excess weight that they lost.
  • Your overall health improves and you can keep most of the chronic illnesses associated with obesity at bay. The chronic diseases associated with obesity are cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gallbladder diseases, and more.
  • Your energy levels increase as you shed your excess weight. Carrying the extra weight reduces your energy levels and hampers exercise and other kinds of physical activities. After the surgery, many patients feel more active and get into regular exercise as a healthy lifestyle choice.
  • For those who feel physical appearance is important and take it very seriously, bariatric surgery helps them look slimmer with all the excess weight taken off.

Psychological Benefits

  • When you are obese, you might shy away from the camera, avoid family gatherings, and also maintain a good distance from group activities, especially when they are of a physical nature. After the weight loss surgery, you regain your confidence and feel more comfortable around people and in large gatherings.
  • Appreciation for life and a sense of self-love is instilled once you undergo bariatric surgery. You improve your psychological strength and tend to improve your relationships with the near and dear ones.
  • For those fighting anxiety and depression due to obesity, bariatric surgery could be a turning point. There’s an improvement in the overall mood of the patients after surgery and they can achieve a positive outlook, leaving their stress, anxiety, and depression behind.

These are some of the physical and psychological benefits of undergoing bariatric surgery in Lubbock. The benefits might vary from person to person depending upon their unique personalities, body type, and their surrounding environment among other factors.