Know Your Dental Social Security Rights in Thailand

Know Your Dental Social Security Rights in Thailand

Do you know Thailand’s social security system provides its citizens a wide range of benefits, including access to dental treatment? Moreover, foreign nationals working in Thailand can participate in this scheme. Therefore, with your yearly allotment of 900 baht in dentistry, social security (ทําฟัน ประกันสังคม, which is the term in Thai), you can quickly pay for a checkup and professional cleaning. In this post, you will get all Dental social security rights.


Individuals can receive social security benefits if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Section 33 gives those younger than 60 a legitimate job in Thailand.
  2. Section 39: If you’ve been contributing for at least 12 months and leave your job but still want your benefits, you can do so under.
  3. Section 40: People who don’t qualify for social security coverage under Section 33 or Section 39 can apply under this Section.

Dental Society Security Rights

· Wisdom Tooth Removal

In contrast to the rest of your teeth, your wisdom teeth never fall out. The four teeth most commonly seen are the last set of molars. One of the causes of Dental decay is not brushing enough or flossing regularly or an irregular location of the teeth. If left untreated for too long, the discomfort, swelling, and spread can cause severe damage to the mouth. Thus, wisdom teeth removal is essential. Social security covers a yearly maximum of 900 baht for wisdom tooth extractions.

· Tooth Extraction

When tooth rot reaches the pulp, you must extract the tooth. Those who do not wish to keep a particular tooth can have it surgically removed. The insured person may use their yearly 900 baht in social security benefits to having a tooth pulled without making any upfront payment to the Dental Clinic.

· Dental Filling

You can avoid tooth decay problems, which require fillings to fix, with regular checkups and cleanings. Social security should cover dental fillings.

· Teeth Scaling

At least twice a year, you should have your teeth scaled. This process removes the Plaque, which forms on and between the teeth during cleaning. It will help keep your mouth healthy and free from cavities.

Scaling is eligible for an annual 900 baht social security benefit. You can do it with only one ID card without needing advanced planning, payment, or bother.

Finale Takeaway

Patients covered under Sections 33, 39, and 40 can access their benefits at any healthcare facility with the Social Security logo. You can avoid making upfront payments of up to $900 yearly. If you want your teeth to be healthy and last a long time, you should do them once a year.