Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage is like any other massage that you would get on your shoulders or neck but it is done gentler. Massage on the scalp  is done by rubbing, kneading and applying pressure to your scalp with the fingers and hands. The scalp is the toughest place for the blood to flow freely. Hence massage to the scalp increases  blood circulation and it increases oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles  which helps in controlling hair fall.

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Other benefits of scalp massage are listed below:

  • It also provides nourishment to roots of the hair and hence promotes new hair growth wide also strengthening the current hair follicles.
  • It provides lubrication and condition into the scalp which helps in preventing flaky and dry scalp without having to use harsh chemical based hair care products.
  • It helps protect the hair from damage done by sun and weather by improving conditioning over time.
  • Regular  scalp massage with medicated oil also could help in preventing premature  discoloration of hair.
  • Scalp massage can also improve blood circulation to the head and neck area. If the scalp is tight and rigid from stress circulation and hair growth is stumped.
  • The scalp massages therapy is also known to soften and condition the hair, making it  much more manageable.
  • It rejuvenate the hair that is damaged from dryness and helps prevent excessive  frizziness and split ends
  • The natural oils used in the massage will help in making hair more lustre and vibrant.

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A scalp massage may be performed by a trained  and certified practitioner,  but it is not feasible to seek a massage therapist  regularly. So here are a few ways to massage your scalp by yourself.

  • You may choose a traditional scalp massage which involves just fingertips. Depending upon your name apply little to Medium pressure and your fingertips in small circular motions on the scalp. 
  • Another suggestion is to massage your hair while you wash it. You can use your fingertips to massage your scalp while you are applying shampoo or conditioner.
  • You can also use tools that are available in the market which are simple to use and effective.
  •  You can also use your favourite oil to massage your scalp.  If you are using the oil for the first time make sure you are doing a patch test on your elbow or wrist to check for any signs of irritation.

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