Why Breast Implant Revision Can Be A Difficult Task

Breast implants are not something new, but the breast augmentation procedure has improved since its beginning. Besides the new technology and implants, you should be aware that at some point, your implants will need a replacement.

Different reasons will lead to breast implant revision. Dissatisfaction with the look, which includes implants size and shape, breast implant damage, capsular contraction, displacement of the implants are some of the possible scenarios when women decide to undergo breast implant revision. Also, if you have implants for more than 10 years, you should consider this procedure.

Breast implant revision will fix a sagging implant

Some procedures include breast implants, such as breast reconstruction which can be done by breast reconstruction surgeon Sydney, and after some time, women can also have issues with just one implant. Breast revision is  a solution in this case.

Secondary surgery 

Undergoing breast augmentation is always easier than breast implant revision for several reasons. Scar tissue will make the procedure results harder to predict. A surgeon is also dealing with changed tissue caused by the previous implants. Some surgeons will charge more because of these reasons.

It can also happen that the person comes to a clinic for breast implant revision, but to feel fearful and not to have trust in the doctor in advance, due to some bad experience with the previous doctor or surgery. Usually, nothing bad happened, but the communication between the patient and the doctor was poor, so the person didn’t understand that possible side effects are normal.

It is not rare that the patient has unrealistic expectations. The surgeon’s job is to explain how the procedure looks like, which you can check at https://www.bbclinic.com.au/breast-implant-revision-sydney/  and what you can expect after the procedure.

Surgery success

The first step that will lead to a successful breast implant revision, is good communication with your doctor. A person who gets a full and honest explanation of this procedure will be much more likely satisfied in the end.

You don’t have to give up bigger breasts

Some of the breast revision procedures are easier than others. For example, capsular contracture is highly successful. The contracture can reappear, but that usually depends on the person’s genetics. Breast revisions that will have benefits of the gravity effects, for example lowering the implants are sure easier than raising it, and replacing implants on the side is easier than moving them towards the center.

The location of the incision from the previous surgery can also affect the breast revision procedure. Many breast surgeons would most likely do the peri-areolar approach. This will allow the surgeon more precision in releasing scar tissue and modifying or creating a pocket. For many surgeons, it is much harder when the incisions are made on the other parts.

Final word

As with every surgical procedure, this procedure can also have some side effects. So, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor all the things that bother you, so you can remove the doubts and step into breast revision surgery confidently.